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Tulip Victoria Khaury: All About Tiny Tim’s Only Child

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Tulip Victoria Khaury is the only child of the late American singer Tiny Tim. What is her story, and what is she up to today?

Tulip Victoria Khaury is famous for being the only celebrity child of the American singer, ukulele player, and musical activist Tiny Tim. Her father was quite renowned for music and also the many controversies that surrounded him during his lifetime. 

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However, Tulip has chosen a private life away from the fame her dad’s name brought her. Who is the celebrity daughter, and where is she now?

Who Is Tulip Victoria Khaury?

Tulip Victoria Khaury is the daughter of the late 1960s hitmaker Tiny Tim. She was born on May 10, 1971, in the US and is 52 years old as of 2023. Tulip’s mother was a woman named Victoria Budinger, whom many referred to simply as “Miss Vicki.”

Tulip Victoria Khaury
Tulip Victoria Khaury. (Source: Pinterest)

Her parents named her “Tulip” after her father’s smash hit in 1968, titled “Tiptoe Through the Tulips.” Her second name was also given for an apparent reason, as she was named after her mother. 

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Tiny Tim married Tulip’s mother when she was only 17 years old, causing an uproar around the country due to her underaged status. However, Tiny Tim did not have a care in the world as he married her on “The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.”

More than 40 million people watched the event, making it one of the most-watched “Tonight Show” episodes at the time. Their wedding took place in December 1969 when Tiny Tim was already as old as 37 years of age. Sadly, Tulip’s childhood was not a great one, thanks to her father’s many shortcomings.

Her mother majorly raised her alone and funded her upbringing by working three jobs. This was surprising when the public learned that Tiny Tim had more than enough to help his family and meet their everyday needs. 

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Tulip Khaury’s Ethnicity

Tulip has the physical qualities of a typical Caucasian woman, but her ethnic background is more than meets the eye. Thanks to her father’s mixed race, she is also mixed with half-Caucasian genes and half Arab from her father. However, she is only recognized as a citizen of the United States and is a full-blown American. 

Tiny Tim. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Tiny Tim’s Daughter Tulip Victoria Khaury Do?

Tulip decided to live a life away from the cameras that followed her dad everywhere until his death. She has kept the majority of her private life information so private that a lot of media houses were grasping at straws to know more about her. 

Her educational background has been kept away from the media, making people wonder if her current profession is linked to a degree or not. Tulip had her primary education, thanks to her mother, but it is yet to be revealed if she furthered her education or not. 

Today, the celebrity daughter is reportedly employed at a waste management company in the customer services department. The company’s name is unknown, and Tulip wants to keep it that way. She also stays in New Castle, Pennsylvania, with her little family. 

What Happened to Miss Vicki, Tiny Tim’s Wife?

Miss Vicki lived a tough life when she married the “People Are Strange” singer. She revealed in an interview that although she was married to Tim for about five years, she felt as though her marriage only lasted for two years. 

Miss Vicki and Tiny Tim
Miss Vicki and Tiny Tim at their Wedding (Source: Facebook)

This was because after two years, the once sweet love story turned sour, and Tiny Tim became a nonchalant husband. In 1974, Miss Vicki decided she had had enough and filed for divorce from Tiny Tim.

Today, she leads a very private and secluded life away from the cameras as well. She resides in her home state of New Jersey, where she retired after working in sales and retail for several years. She has refused to have any more interviews about her time as Tiny Tim’s wife and prefers to stay far out of the limelight.

Is Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki’s Daughter Married?

Yes, Tulip is happily married as of 2023, according to multiple sources. She got married at the young age of 23 to a man called William Ervin Stewart, with whom she has four children. 

Tulip and Stewart had four children: three daughters and a son. Her daughters are Cherise, Jade, and Zharia, while her only son is named Trey. Tulip now lives a very quiet life with her family and has kept them away from the media. 

Her only surviving parent, Miss Vicki, is reportedly a grandmother to Tulip’s kids and visits them occasionally. Tiny Tim died a long time ago, in 1996, after suffering a heart attack. 

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