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Charles Wayne Hendricks: Everything You Need to Know About Ray Charles’ Son

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Charles Wayne Hendricks is Ray Charles’ son with his partner, Margie Hendrix. He was born into a talented and famous man’s family; however, he has lived most of his life far from the spotlight. 

Ray Charles has passed on, but his kids, including Charles Waynes Hendricks, are still around, constantly piquing interest and curiosity as netizens struggle to keep up with what they are up to. Ray fathered up to 12 kids while alive, but today, our focus will be on one of them, Charles Wayne.

Keep reading to learn more about him and his elusive life. 

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Who Is Charles Wayne Hendricks?

Charles Wayne Hendricks is the only child Ray Charles, and his partner Margie welcomed in their time together. 

Ray Charles
Ray Charles. (Source: Pinterest)

He was born on October 1, 1959, in the United States, which makes him 64 years old as of October 2023. He was born under the Libra zodiac sign and had American nationality with black ethnicity. 

Not much is known about Charles Wayne Hendricks’s life because of how private he is. He avoids publicity and has not been seen at any public events recently, so keeping up with him has been difficult. 

While he is the only child his parents welcomed, he has 11 other siblings, products of his father’s promiscuity. Ray was known for his love of women, something he once called an obsession. 

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It reportedly started when he had his virginity taken from him as a 12-year-old boy by a woman of 20. Since then, he developed an affinity for women and got along well with them, becoming a lady’s man who managed to have many kids with ten different women. 

Meet Charles Wayne Hendricks’ Parents

His father, Ray Charles, was a talented singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer. His friends and fellow musicians called him “Brother Ray” or referred to him as “the Genius.” 

This probably had to do with how much he was able to achieve even though he was blinded during childhood due to glaucoma. Charles Wayne Hendricks’ mother, Margie, was an American rhythm and blues singer.

She was a founding member of the Raelettes, women who worked as backup singers for Ray Charles. Charles Wayne Hendricks is the only child his mother and father welcomed together before they eventually parted ways. 

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Margie was also a very talented woman. As a teenager, she mastered the piano, sang, and directed her church choir. She joined the band “The Cookies” in 1956 and had a #9 hit before she left in 1958 to found the Raelettes.

Margie Hendrix
Margie Hendrix. (Source: Pinterest)

What Happened Between Ray Charles and Margie?

As a member of the Raelettes, Margie got involved in a romantic affair with Ray Charles, which led to the birth of their only son, Charles Wayne Hendricks. After his arrival, Margie urged Ray Charles to leave his wife.

However, he refused to leave his wife to live with her and Charles. Their relationship started going sideways in the 1960s; Margie became addicted to heroin and alcohol, and her career suffered from her addiction. 

The Raelettes
The Raelettes. (Source: Pinterest)

In July 1964, Ray dismissed Margie from the Raelettes while touring Europe after a heated argument. After her exit, she got signed on Mercury Records, where she released a few singles, none of which gained traction.

It led her to delve deeper into alcohol and even harder drugs. She reportedly passed away in New York on July 14, 1973, aged 38. The cause of her death remains unknown, as no autopsy was carried out. 

However, it is believed she either died of a heroin overdose, cancer, or a car accident. She was buried at New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery in Register, Georgia.

Charles Wayne Hendricks Childhood 

Marie left the Raelettes with Charles Wayne Hendricks in tow. When she passed away, he was only 14, but Ray Charles did not assume responsibility for him. Instead, he was brought up by his relatives. This could explain why Charles grew up far removed from the buzz of his father’s fame. 

Charles Wayne Hendricks Now

Ray Charles‘ son, Charles Wayne Hendricks, lived privately for most of his life, so details of what he did or how he made a living are unavailable. Such details will remain unknown as sources now claim that he passed away in 2013.

According to his obituary, he married once before he passed on to Marlene Hendricks of Aurora, Colorado, and they reportedly had several children together.

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