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Jennifer Rauchet: Inside the Life of Pete Hegseth’s Wife

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In the bustling world of media and public figures, Jennifer Rauchet has become a person of interest, particularly as Pete Hegseth’s wife. Aside from her title as Pete Hegseth’s wife, Jennifer Rauchet is an American executive media producer at Fox News. She has been in the industry for over a decade but often stays behind the cameras. 

Despite being a celebrity couple, Hegseth and Rauchet keep their lives lowkey. Their relationship has been a hot topic in America’s mainstream media and the tabloids. The duo now have a big and happy blended family. Who is this American media personality who’s made significant waves in her professional and personal life?

Here’s a look into her life and the balance she maintains between her relationships and her demanding career.

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A picture of Jennifer Rauchet and her husband.
Pete Hegseth and his wife, Jennifer Rauchet. (Source: Instagram/@jennycdot)

Who Is Pete Hegseth’s Spouse, Jennifer Rauchet? 

Jennifer Rauchet, primarily recognized as Pete Hegseth’s spouse, is a name that now resonates with many. Born on January 30, 1985, Rauchet has kept most details about her personal life private. Hence, there is no information regarding her parents and siblings. However, online reports suggest she grew up with her parents.

Pete Hegseth’s wife is of white Caucasian ethnicity and American nationality. The 38-year-old media personality has made her mark in the industry, but her relationship with Hegseth has garnered significant attention. However, before her rise in the media industry, Jennifer Rauchet had her beginnings like any other individual. 

Growing up in the United States, she experienced many cultures and mindsets. These experiences likely shaped her outlook on life and her subsequent decision to pursue journalism. Attending Towson University in Maryland, she equipped herself with the essential skills and knowledge to serve her in the media world.

A picture of the stunning couple.
The stunning couple. (Source: Instagram/@jennycdot)

What Does Pete Hegseth’s Wife Do for a Living? 

Jennifer Rauchet is an established figure in the media industry. Beginning her career in 2001 at WPIX-TV, New York, she significantly transitioned to Fox News, where she met Hegseth, a Fox News contributor, in 2006.

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With a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Towson University in Maryland, Rauchet ascended in her career to become the executive producer for “Fox & Friends” and later for “Watters’ World.” Over the years, Jennifer Rauchet has participated in several groundbreaking media projects.

Her vision and skill in curating content have made her an indispensable asset to Fox News. Aside from her legion of fans, her colleagues often commend her dedication and the unique perspective she brings to the table. Her exceptional talent might be one of the reasons she has not only sustained but also grown in a highly competitive industry.

A picture of Jennifer Rauchet, Pete Hegseth, and their kids.
Jennifer Rauchet, Pete Hegseth, and their adorable kids at their wedding reception. (Source: Instagram/@jennycdot)

When Did Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet Get Married? 

Amidst the glitz, glamor, and controversies, Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet’s love story is one for the books. Despite beginning their relationship under the scrutiny of public eyes in 2017 due to their marital ties with other people, the duo defied the odds. 

After finalizing their divorces, they announced their engagement on Instagram and tied the knot on August 16, 2019, at Trump National Golf Club Colts Neck in New Jersey. Though filled with highs and lows, their love story thrives after several years together.

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How Many Kids Does Pete Hegseth and His Wife Have? 

The couple have seven kids in their blended family. Jennifer Rauchet, from her previous marriage, is a proud mother to Jackson, Kenzie, and Luke Hunt. In addition, the famous Fox News journalist embraces her role as a stepmother to Hegseth’s three children, Gunner, Boone, and Rex Brian Hegseth, from his past relationship with Samantha.

Aside from their kids from their previous marriages, they also have a daughter together. Jennifer Rauchet and Hegseth welcomed a daughter, Gwen Hegseth, in 2017. Although it is unclear whether they have custody of all the kids from their previous marriages, they are actively present in their lives. In addition, the couple lives in Holmdel, New Jersey, and has built a loving home for their kids.

A picture of the couple's adorable kids.
The couple’s adorable kids. (Source: Instagram/@jennycdot)

Is Jennifer Rauchet Still Married to Pete Hegseth? 

Yes, Jennifer Rauchet and Hegseth are still very much together. Since their wedding in 2019, the couple has managed to keep their bond strong and free from rumors of strife. Their blended family, with seven children from their collective past marriages, is a testament to their commitment to one another.

A picture of Jennifer Rauchet and her husband, Pete Hegseth.
The couple. (Source: Instagram/@jennycdot)

What Is Jennifer Rauchet’s Net Worth? 

While Jennifer Rauchet’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, her position as an executive producer at Fox News, where she reportedly earns around $110,000 annually, suggests a comfortable financial status. On the other hand, her husband, Pete Hegseth, boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $19 million.

Like Wayne Newton’s wife, Kathleen McCrone, Jennifer Rauchet’s commitment to her craft solidified her professional reputation and ensured a stable financial future for herself and her family.

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