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Dorothy Bowles Ford: All We Know About Harold Ford Jr’s Mother

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Dorothy Bowles Ford is a remarkable woman whose worth increases the closer you get to Tennessee, where her former husband, Harold Ford Sr., became the first black elected to Congress. 

Of course, he could not have done it without help from Dorothy and their sons, who often helped with the campaigns. One of those sons would follow closely in his dad’s footsteps, and her influential role in shaping his character and career can not be overlooked. 

She is no longer married to Harold Ford Sr. However, Dorothy has remained a respected figure to all those around her. Keep reading to learn more about Dorothy Bowles Ford and her compelling personal life. 

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Dorothy Bowles Ford
Dorothy Bowles Ford. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Harold Ford Jr’s Mother? 

Harold Ford Jr’s mother is none other than Dorothy Bowles Ford. She is the former wife of Harold Ford Sr., who became the first African-American Democrat to unseat an incumbent Republican congressman. 

Dorothy’s son, Harold Jr, is an American financial managing director, pundit, author, and former U.S. congressman. He served between 1997 and 2007 in the United States House of Representatives as a member of the Democratic Party from Tennessee’s 9th congressional district in Memphis. 

He is a member of the Ford political family, which hails from Memphis, and is one of the three sons of former Congressman Harold Ford Sr. His father won and held the same seat for over two decades. Dorothy Bowles Ford is the strong-willed glue that held their family together while her husband hustled to beat his opponent.

She would help her son, Harold Jr, prepare for campaign ads for his father. She was among those who helped him decide politics was his calling and has been very supportive of him. The talented woman used to be a former Potomac’s Electric Power employee.

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She was reportedly a coordinator of consumer and regulator functions for them. That was work to bring in money for the family. Her other jobs included being a mother and an administrator for her then-husband. She did exceptionally well at it. 

Harold Ford Jr
Harold Ford Jr. (Pinterest)

How Old Is Dorothy Bowles Ford? 

Dorothy Bowles Ford is believed to have been born sometime in 1949. This would make her about 74 years old in 2023. The precise date of her birth was not disclosed. However, there are other parts of her early life we know about. 

Dorothy Bowles Ford’s Early Life 

She was born and raised in a small town in Memphis, where she grew up, ingrained with hard work, determination, and resilience. Dorothy, who holds American nationality, grew up as the only child of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bowles.

In her formative years, she attended high school in Memphis. Then, she furthered her education by pursuing a college degree at Memphis State University. 

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Unfortunately, due to familial responsibilities and obligations, she was forced to end her studies prematurely and put her academic aspirations on hold. Dorothy met the man she would later marry and ultimately divorce while she was in high school. 

Harold Ford Sr
Harold Ford Sr. (Source: Pinterest)

Dorothy Bowles Ford and Harold Ford Sr.

As earlier stated, Dorothy met Harold Sr. during her high school years. They married in 1969, and the couple welcomed three children: Harold Jr, Newton Jake, and Sir Isaac. After three decades of marriage, Dorothy and Harold Sr. divorced in 1999.

Their divorce happened without a hitch, and both parties parted on amicable terms. She is still single today, and there is no record she ever tried her hand at marriage again. Harold, on the other hand, has long moved on. He is married to his second wife, Michelle Roberts, and they have two children: Andrew and Ava. 

Harold Sr. is still an active Democrat, but after their split, Dorothy faded into the background, choosing to live a private life after one monitored closely by cameras and political rivals. 

Meet Dorothy’s Three Sons

Ford Jr, Dorothy Bowles Ford’s first son, also walks the path of his father as a politician. He is married to Emily Threlkeld, who works in public relations for Carolina Herrera in New York. They tied the knot on April 26, 2008, and have a daughter, Georgia Walker Ford, born in December 2013 in New York City.

Dorothy’s second child, Jake Newton Ford, was a troubled teen who had several run-ins with the law. There were incidents involving assault, DUI, and marijuana possession, but he was able to rise above it all to make something of himself. 

Like Harold Jr, he also embarked on a political career and ran for a post, although he did not win. The third child of Dorothy Bowles Ford was named Isaac Ford and was born in 1975. He is a successful business executive who has demonstrated his business acumen and leadership skills. 

He has also shown interest in politics. In 2002, he contested for the position of Shelby County Mayor but fell short during the voting. Even so, his contributions and dedication to public service have set him apart as a progressive patriot like his father and brothers. 

Other notable faces in the U.S. that have been linked to politics include Clint Eastwood, Ronald Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

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