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‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Star, Angie Harmon’s Children Are All Grown up — This Is How She Struggled with Mommy Guilt

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Actress Angie Harmon starred in the TNT crime drama television series, “Rizzoli and Isles” for six years, earning her a reputation as the confident, independent Detective Jane Rizzoli. In contrast to the tomboyish detective, however, Harmon is a dedicated, ardent mom, with three adorable daughters.

“Rizzoli and Isles” star Angie Harmon has three daughters from her marriage to her ex-husband, Jason Sehorn. Before their 2016 divorce, the pair were married for fifteen years, during which time they welcomed the trio that still unites them as a family, years after the separation.


The actress welcomed her first child, Finley Faith, on October 14, 2003, barely two years after her marriage to pro football star, Sehorn. In 2005, they had their second daughter, Avery Grace. Three years after Grace’s birth, the family got a new addition, Emery Hope, born December 18, 2008. Sehorn and Angie Harmon’s kids have grown into beautiful young ladies, aged sixteen, fifteen, and eleven, respectively.

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Since Angie Harmon’s divorce from Sehorn, the Detective Rizzoli roleplayer has raised her kids as a single mom and has excelled at that. Harmon could pass for a superwoman, juggling between motherhood and her tasking job as an actress. The experience has admittedly not been all-rosy.

The actress once opened up about the challenges of dealing with being an actress without missing out in her role as a mother. As an actress, her job required her to shoot at different locations, sometimes several miles away from home. She divulged how the experience often took a toll on her, making her into a “mess.”

On how she balances the situation, Harmon said she reminds herself constantly that she wasn’t alone, as all moms at some point, feel they are not doing enough as a parent. She divulged:

“If there is a way to cure mommy guilt, I would bottle it and be a bazillionaire.”

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Rather than torture herself further with the feeling of guilt, she chose to focus instead on the things she was doing right.


Harmon tied the knot with Sehorn, 49, on June 9, 2001, months after their awesome engagement. Many would recall a young, love-struck Jason Sehorn going down on one knee to propose to a stunned Harmon during her guest appearance on “The Tonight Show.”

Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon | Image: YouTube/AP
Jason Sehorn and Angie Harmon | Image: Youtube/AP

Their marriage stood the test of time for 13 years, as they built a family together. While their marriage lasted, the two instilled invaluable values on the kids and taught them the importance of respecting everyone around them. They lived together for years in their North Carolina home, with the actress having weekly shoots all the way out in Los Angeles, but Angie Harmon’s then-husband was always hands-on to fill the blanks.

The announcement of their split in 2014, therefore, came as a shock to the public. The pair went through the difficult phase, trying hard to shield their kids from the negative publicity. Harmon and Sehorn finalized their amicable divorce in 2016.

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Shortly after her divorce, the 47-year-old actress began her love story with actor Greg Vaughan. Despite knowing each other for several years, their romance blossomed only after the “Days Of Our Lives” star summoned the courage to confess his feelings.

Vaughan, 47, and Angie Harmon got engaged in December 2019, following a two-year dating experience. The duo, each having children from previous marriages, have been able to sustain a relationship that carries their children along. 

Following their Christmas day engagement, the actress shared a photo of herself sporting the gold band, and Vaughan, along with all six of their kids, rocking matching costumes in their family home.


With everything falling in place once again, the “Rizzoli and Isles” star has a new commitment as a soon-to-be wife, mother to three girls, future step-mom of three amazing boys, and a trailblazing actress.

Since joining the entertainment industry in 1995, the actress and former model have made a name for herself. Some of her movie credits include “Baywatch Night,” “Law & Order,” “Lawn Dogs,” “Agent Cody Banks,” and “End Game,” among others.

Harmon is indeed a super mom, and the world looks forward to witnessing her achieve greater feats both in her career and family life.

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