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Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe: All You Need to Know About Nicole Ari Parker’s Son 

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Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe was famous even before he opened his eyes to this world. This is because his parents, Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, are among the most famous couples in the entertainment industry. 

His dad is an actor, producer, and former model who has stolen many hearts over the course of his career. His mother is an actress and model famous for her talent and good looks. 

Between them, they gave birth to an equally talented and handsome boy who has been making waves — just not in the world of entertainment. Keep reading to learn more about Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe and his almost perfect life. 

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Boris Kodjoe with Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe
Boris Kodjoe with Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe (Source: Pinterest)

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe Biography 

He is the first child of Boris Kodjoe and his wife, Nicole Ari Parker, welcomed as a couple. He shares an uncanny resemblance with his father, and netizens have pointed it out in the past. 

Nicolas was blessed to have been born into Kodjoe’s family because the actor is a great father who never forgets his duties. The two share a close bond, and the actor is fond of sharing pictures of Nicolas on his social media page. 

Aside from Nicolas, Boris and Nicole are proud parents of a girl they named Sophie Tei Naaki Lee Kodjoe. She was born one year before Nicolas on March 5, 2005. Sadly, she was diagnosed with spina bifida at birth and had to live with it. 

Nicolas’ paternal grandparents are Ursula Kodjoe, a German psychologist of partially Jewish descent, and Dr. Eric Ofuatey-Kodjoe, a native of Ghana. On the other hand, his maternal grandparents are healthcare professional Susan Parker and dentist Donald Parker.

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How Old Is Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe?

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe is currently believed to be 17 years of age. He was born on October 31, 2006, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 

Boris Kodjoe. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe Do? 

Nicolas grew up surrounded by the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but it never enticed him. What called to him was sports, and he has been making progress on the basketball pitch. Nicolas is a forward who most recently represented Germany’s U16 in the U16 European Championship – Div B. 

He competed in the Junior Olympics in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. His parents were there to support him, proud of the milestone. His dad wrote on Instagram: 

“So proud of you, @thereal_nicokodjoe, for your hard work, determination, and resilience in making the U16 National Team and for letting Mommy and I embarrass you here and there. Next up, the Euro Championships. Auf geht’s!” 

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What Happened to Nicole Ari Parker? 

Nicolas Neruda Kodjoe’s birth was a success, but its aftermath left his mother suffering from “postpartum depression.” The gorgeous actress once confessed that it could have gotten the best of her, but she derived strength from her concern for her daughter, Sophie. 

She said: “I suffered from postpartum [depression] pretty bad with Nicolas, but because the anxiety level of protecting Sophie was so strong, [it was like I had] postpartum covered with super-mom-ness. I couldn’t afford to cry. There was no way.”

Nicole never allowed the depression to win, and eventually, with help from her family and friends, she was able to move past it. 

Nicole Ari Parker with her kids and mom
Nicole Ari Parker with her kids and mom (Source: Pinterest)

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker

The couple have one of the longest-running relationships in Hollywood and are still going strong even today. They first met while shooting Season 1 of “Soul Food.” There was an immediate buzz between them, but they were both cautious about dating co-workers. 

Boris recalled: “At first, we were very hesitant because we were aware of the cliché [of actors falling in love], and we didn’t want to fall into that. We fought until the whole crew begged us to finally get together.” 

The pair eventually tied the knot in 2005. The initial plan was to have an elaborate wedding ceremony in Los Angeles, but they changed their minds. 

Ultimately, they went with an intimate ceremony witnessed by 85 of their friends in Boris’s grandmom’s backyard in Gundelfingen, Germany. 

Nicole Parker would not have had it any other way. She had always wanted a fairytale wedding, and according to her, the one they had was “perfect.” The lovely couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary on May 21, 2023, proving they are still very much in love even though it’s been almost two decades. 

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