Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Boris Kodjoe Celebrates Wife, Nicole Ari Parker’s 50th Birthday with Sexy Pictures

In honor of her 50th birthday, actor and producer, Boris Kodjoe shared sexy photos of his wife, Nicole Ari Parker.

American actor and producer, Boris Kodjoe paid tribute to his wife, Nicole Ari Parker, as she marked her 50th birthday. The 47-year-old shared stunning photos of the celebrant, looking sexy in jaw-dropping costumes to his fans on Instagram.

Kodjoe’s posts have since garnered over a hundred thousand likes and several comments. One of the pics showed the 50-year-old showing off her curvaceous backside in a swimsuit.

In the next pick, Kodjoe’s wife donned a steam-red jumpsuit, which accentuated her curves. A matching headgear completed her model-like appearance. 

The third picture showed Parker looking ageless in a white tank top and blue headband. Kodjoe celebrated the stunning diva with a heartfelt message in his caption, which read:

“Babe, you make 50 look like hot cinnamon buns. I’m celebrating you today and every day. Keep shining your bright light and enjoy this trip around the ☀. Happy birthday.”

Boris also enjoined his fans to join his celebration and wish “these cakes”  a happy birthday, and they gladly obliged. Within minutes of updating the post, comments kept pouring in, all commending the 50-year-olds beauty dishing out birthday wishes.

Some of the commenters expressed their admiration for the couple, who, after fifteen years in marriage, still rock the love boat like newlyweds. 

The couple has made fans green with envy with their outright show of love.

One referred to Kodjoe as the “MVP husband” for celebrating his wife in the most remarkable way. The moment became cuter when Nicole slid into her husband’s comments to thank her husband for the heartfelt odes.

She started by taking a jab at him for taking a picture of her “cakes” from behind instead of the jacket she’d asked him to snap. After the brief reference to the image of her backside, she went on to extend her gratitude, saying:

“Thank you, baby, for the most amazing day everrrrr. Love you so much.”

She punctuated the comment with a series of emojis, further expressing her love and appreciation. This is not the first time the couple has made fans green with envy with their outright show of love on social media.

Earlier this year, Bodjoe and Parker celebrated the 15th anniversary of their wedding. They marked the milestone moment on May 21, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the imposed restrictions due to the viral outbreak, the lovebirds found a means to celebrate their love. 

Kodjoe pulled some strings and planned a romantic dinner for them just outside their favorite restaurant. After the romantic date, they took to social media to gush about their love for each other.

Undoubtedly, the couple’s love for each other would last several generations to come with age being only a number.

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