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Deion Sanders Responds Emotionally as Daughter Deiondra Shares Pregnancy News

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Deion Sanders, football legend turned grandpa-to-be, opened up about his emotions after his daughter, Deiondra, recently revealed her pregnancy. In an interview, Sanders, 56, said, “I haven’t digested that whole thing yet.” From there, he shared what he’s most proud of regarding his daughter and her pregnancy.

Deion and Deiondra Sanders
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He said, “I’m proud of my baby that she’s at least waited until her thirties to give me this gift of life.” However, amid the excitement, Sanders revealed his biggest concern: ensuring Deiondra is straight emotionally and psychologically as she goes on the motherhood journey. 

Deiondra Sanders Pregnancy Reveal

According to a report on March 8, Deiondra Sanders shocked everyone with her pregnancy announcement. In a video she shared online, she confronted her battle with fibroids, which doctors had warned could make conception difficult and pregnancy high-risk. 

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A Picture of Deiondra Sandra
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In the same clip, Deiondra reappears in a white dress and cradles her stomach. She also shares a sentimental message, revealing her pregnancy: “I never thought I’d be here, but here we are. I know a lot has transpired over the last month, but what hasn’t happened is me being able to tell my own truth!” 

She continued, “So here it is, even though this was not planned nor expected, this is still something God allowed to happen. I’m having this baby to give hope to all the other women that may be in my situation. No matter what Doctor’s say, GOD HAS THE FINAL SAY! The miracle growing in me is a coincidence and a divine blessing. Welcome to my pregnancy journey.”

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Deiondra Sanders’ Miraculous Pregnancy Journey

While announcing her pregnancy, Deiondra revealed that she had to undergo four myomectomy surgeries. However, the worst part of it was receiving discouraging news from medical advisors about her slim chances of conceiving; Deiondra remained undefeated.

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Deiondra Sanders
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“After your procedure, it went well, but we weren’t able to remove all the fibroids. We just want to let you know that it’s kinda going to be hard in the future to conceive a child.” Call it a miracle; Deiondra has been nurturing a baby in her womb for seven months. According to her, she had no one else but God to whom she could give her heartfelt gratitude. She also noted that it couldn’t have been possible without the warm smiles and blessings of the women in her life.

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The Baby’s Father Has Been Revealed

In a comment on social media, Jacquees expressed his love and support for the expecting month. He left a message in her comment section. “I love you, and I got you. BLESSINGS OTW THANK YOU JESUSSSS.

A Picture of Deiondra Sanders
Source: Pinterest

Initially sparking speculation about their relationship, Jacquees later confirmed that he’s the father of her first child. However, the singer later verified the speculation with his Instagram post, where he referred to Deiondra as his “future baby mama.” Continuing to share their journey, Jacquees recently gave an update on their pregnancy, posting a moment captured during a prenatal ultrasound. 

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Tracey Edmonds Wishes Her Princess, Deiondra Sanders

Despite recent separation from Deion Sanders, Tracey Edmonds didn’t hesitate to congratulate Deiondra, calling her “Princess” and offering prayers for her journey ahead. 

Deion Sanders
Source: Pinterest

Grateful for the outpouring of support, Deiondra remains loyal in her belief that her child is not just a coincidence but a divine blessing, according to her caption. Fighting off a traumatic and allegedly abusive past, medical challenges, and much more after she conceived, Deiondra Sanders continues to stand like a mountain in front of her problems. She is teaching fans the true meaning of women celebrating women. She celebrates and honors women like her, who continue to fight their battles no matter what!

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