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Bobby Shmurda Speaks About Why He Hasn’t Released Music in Years

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Do you still remember Bobby Shmurda? He recently addressed his long break from releasing music, providing details about the situation on Instagram. Since his release from prison in February 2021, fans have eagerly anticipated new tracks from the rapper. However, on Sunday, June 1, Shmurda updated fans in an Instagram post. In that post, he explained that he believes streaming services are unwilling to promote his music. Why, you ask? Shmurda states this unwillingness is due to his refusal to change his appearance and adopt trends such as painting his nails. 

Bobby Shmurda
Source: Pinterest

Hold up! Other artists haven’t adopted this trend, yet they are thriving. Is Shmurda’s reason valid enough not to release hits? I mean, should adopting a trend even be a thing? Let’s find out.

Bobby Shmurda Speaks Out on Music Industry Challenges

In his Instagram post, Shmurda expressed frustration, stating that American DSPs and music blogs owned by the same entities do not allow “real Bodman” on playlists. He said it’s because he does not paint his fingers. Many feel this reason is not enough. However, everyone has their opinions.

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Bobby Shmurda
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Shmurda further explained that releasing new music is pointless until changes are made by those who own, run, and manage these platforms. Trust social media users to give their two cents about the situation. Let’s see their comments!

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Social Media Reacts to Bobby Shmurda’s Instagram Post

Shmurda’s post quickly caused reactions from his followers and the broader social media community. On Instagram, many users supported and understood his perspective. One Instagram user pointed out that while Shmurda gave everyone a whole message about the industry and media, some still missed the point.

Bobby Shmurda
Source: Pinterest

Another user wrote that people should pay attention because Shmurda is informing us about the music industry’s agenda to popularize the feminization of men, and he is not in agreement with it. A third user argued that the rapper used his Instagram post as an excuse for his failed music career. The user continued, noting that people understood his message but still supported male artists who do not conform to the trend Shmurda mentioned. 

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More Reactions on Social Media About Bobby Shmurda’s Statement

A user reacted to Bobby Shmurda’s post by citing examples. The user drew parallels to other artists, stating that Kanye West and Katt Williams had tried to warn the public, urging people to wake up. Sadly, they are still sleeping. Another user summarized Shmurda’s stance by stating that he does not fit “Hollyweird’s agenda.” Furthermore, another fan acknowledged Shmurda’s point but noted that many rappers, such as Future, Baby, Gunna, and Boogie, thrive without conforming to these trends.

Bobby Shmurda
Source: Pinterest

However, another user respected Shmurda’s stance, agreeing that he was making a good point. Others shared their preference for older music, indicating a disconnect with current trends and artists. Finally, a user suggested that Shmurda’s music might not be as impactful as his previous hit. They further implied that his lack of success is not solely due to industry pressures.

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Overview of Bobby Shmurda’s Music

Bobby Shmurda has been vocal about his evolving perspective on the music industry. In 2022, the “Hot Boy” artist distanced himself from the “rapper” label. During an Instagram Live session in December 2022, he mentioned that he no longer wanted to be identified as a rapper. Shmurda elaborated on his stance, explaining that the rapper lifestyle often leads to unfortunate situations. He cited Tory Lanez as an example, who is currently serving time in prison for shooting and injuring Megan Thee Stallion. 

Bobby Shmurda
Source: Pinterest

Shmurda pointed out that negative attention follows when one engages in the rapper lifestyle. He described the industry and the labels as “nasty.” He reflected on Lanez’s situation and emphasized that when one does some “rapper stuff,” it always ends up nasty. While this is true, doing the “rapper stuff” is not necessary if you ask me. Fans feel bad for Bobby Shmurda. We hope he gets back on track and hit the ground running. Moreover, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Regardless of his new genre, we will be here for it!

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