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Kate Connelly: Meet Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay’s Ex-Wife

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Kate Connelly is a renowned American TV host and model. However, she gained more popularity after tying the knot with celebrity chef Bobby Flay. Like Connelly, Flay is a famous TV personality. He is an American celebrity chef and restaurateur who has worked with Food Network since 1995.

Consequently, he has won four Daytime Emmy Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, Flay is the owner and executive chef of several restaurants and franchises, including Bobby’s Burger Place and 71 Bobby’s Burgers.

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Although the marriage between Kate Connelly and Flay was short-lived, it propelled her to stardom. While Connelly has gone under the radar in recent years, fans are curious about what she has been up to lately. Here’s everything we know.

A picture of Kate Connelly.
The famous TV host. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Kate Connelly?

Kate Connelly was born on January 21, 1966, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. Despite being famous, the renowned TV host keeps details about her early life stringently private. Consequently, details about her childhood and upbringing elude the media. 

However, reports suggest she grew up in Minneapolis with her father, a journalist, and her mother, who she learned cooking from. In addition, Connelly holds American nationality and is of White-Caucasian ethnicity.

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While details about her elementary education remain a mystery, the famous TV host attended a local high school in Minneapolis. After graduating high school, she enrolled at St. Michael’s College, Colchester, Connecticut, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

Growing up, Connelly aspired to become a model. Consequently, after her college graduation, she worked briefly as a model. However, her love for cooking triumphed, and she combined it with her journalism skills.

What Does Kate Connelly Do for a Living?

Although Kate Connelly came into the limelight following her marriage to Bobby Flay, she gained recognition as the host of the television show “Robin Leach Talking Food,” which aired on Food Network. On the show, she showcased her cooking abilities while dealing with humorous mishaps in the kitchen.

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Connelly also had guests, including chefs, sommeliers, and everyday individuals, who joined her on the program. Afterward, Connelly ventured into co-owning several restaurants in New York. She opened these establishments in partnership with her then-husband, Bobby Flay.

Beyond her television hosting and restaurant endeavors, Connelly has also dabbled in acting. She appeared in the movie “Blaze” alongside Australian actor Chris Hemsworth.

How Did Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay Meet?

Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay first crossed paths when the celebrity chef featured on her TV show, “Robin Leach Talking Food,” in 1994. At the time, Flay had just gone through a divorce from his ex-wife, Debra Ponzek, and was living alone in an apartment. Connelly, on the other hand, was a single mother juggling her career and raising her son.

Flay and Connelly were instantly attracted to each other, and he invited her a few days later for a date at one of his restaurants. The lovebirds started dating, and their love blossomed quickly. After dating for a few months, the then-couple announced their engagement. 

A picture of Kate Connelly's ex-husband.
The celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay. (Source: Pinterest)

When Did Kate Connelly and Bobby Flay Tie the Knot?

After their engagement, the lovebirds took no time walking down the aisle. Bobby Flay and Kate Connelly tied the knot at one of Flay’s restaurants in New York on October 1, 1995. Their wedding ceremony was a lavish one attended by 100 guests, including family, close friends, and notable chefs, such as Tom Valenti and Mario Batali, who were Flay’s friends.

However, Connelly and Flay’s marriage faced difficulties despite their initial connection, which saw them parting ways. Consequently, the then-couple divorced in 1998 after being together for approximately three years. 

Who Is Bobby Flay’s Ex-Wife Dating Now?

Following her divorce from the celebrity chef, Kate Connelly has maintained a low profile and has not revealed any details regarding her personal life. Consequently, there are no details regarding her dating life. However, after his divorce from Connelly, Flay married actress Stephanie March on February 20, 2005.

However, like with Kate Connelly, their marriage also encountered challenges. They separated in March 2015 and finalized their divorce on July 17, 2015. Following his divorce from Stephanie March, Flay dated Heléne Yorke. 

A picture of Kate Connelly's ex-husband and their daughter.
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay and his daughter Sophie. (Source: Instagram/@abc7sophie)

How Many Children Does Kate Connelly Have?

Kate Connelly has two children: a son, Jonathan, from an unknown previous relationship and a daughter, Sophie Flay, from her marriage to Bobby Flay. Sophie was born on April 16, 1996, and is 27. Following the couple’s divorce, they agreed on co-parenting and shared joint custody of their daughter.

Sophie studied broadcasting and digital journalism at the University of Southern California. Consequently, she works as a community journalist for ABC. Despite their divorce, Sophie shares a great bond with her parents and flaunts them on social media. She once took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of her and her mom in honor of Mother’s Day in 2020.

A picture of Kate Connelly and her daughter.
The former celebrity spouse and her daughter, Sophie. (Source: Instagram/@abc7sophie)

Kate Connelly’s Net Worth

Due to her cagey lifestyle, the exact net worth of Kate Connelly remains unknown. However, reports suggest she has an estimated net worth of about $2.3 million from her career as a TV presenter. 

On the other hand, Connelly’s ex-husband, Bobby Flay, has an estimated net worth of $60 million. Consequently, he is one of the wealthiest chefs and restaurateurs in the world. Like Kate Connelly, American journalist Jill Rhodes is another celebrity ex-spouse who has gained the media’s attention. 

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