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Patricia Noah: Inside the Life of Trevor Noah’s Mom

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Patricia Noah is a South African woman best known as the mother of Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah is a South African comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and former television host. He rose to fame globally after he became the host of the popular television program “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central from 2015-2022.

In addition, he has won various awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award from 11 nominations. Patricia had Trevor during the Apartheid era when interracial relationships were illegal. While she was Black, Trevor’s father was White. Consequently, her life story is one of resilience and strength.

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Following Trevor’s rise to fame, Patricia Noah became spotlighted. As a result, fans of the globally acclaimed stand-up comedian are curious about who his mom is. Here’s everything we know about her.

A picture of Patricia Noah.
The celebrity mom. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Trevor Noah’s Mother?

Born Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah in South Africa, Trevor Noah’s mom had a difficult childhood. She was born to her parents, Temperance and Nomalizo Frances Noah. However, they referred to her as “the unwanted middle child.” While most details about her early childhood elude the media, reports suggest that Patricia Noah is one of the three children her parents had. 

However, details about her siblings remain a mystery. According to reports, Patricia’s parents separated and were not living together. As a result, she grew up under single parenting, with her parents sharing her upbringing in different periods. Patricia moved to live with her father when she was nine. However, he sent her to stay with his sister in Transkei, their Xhosa homeland. 

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Patricia Noah lived in Transkei with her cousins for over twelve years. She and her other relatives survived on the meager produce they got from their low-level farming. However, she attended a missionary school at Transkei, where she learned to read and write. 

Afterward, the celebrity mom returned to Soweto at 21 and joined a secretarial school. However, to avoid the black tax, she moved to Johannesburg. While still in Johannesburg, Patricia did not have a permit as it was illegal for blacks to stay there without one. However, after training as a secretary, she secured a job even though the whites excluded black women from that kind of work in the 1980s.

A throwback picture of Patricia Noah.
A throwback picture of Patricia Noah. (Source: Pinterest)

How Did Trevor Noah’s Mother and Father Meet?

After working for the Whites as a secretary, Patricia Noah moved to Hillbrow, a white neighborhood. While staying in Hillbrow, Patricia met Robert Lloyd, a Swiss-German resident, and the two had a romantic relationship. Even though he was a white foreigner living in Johannesburg at the height of South Africa’s apartheid regime, their love blossomed. However, their love affair was discreet. 

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The two agreed to have a child, Trevor, born on February 20, 1984. Unfortunately, the lovers never lived together as a couple, and Trevor did not get to be with his father as his mother relocated and rented herself a flat in Joubert Park after his birth. Nonetheless, Robert usually went out of his way to meet with his son publicly. However, Robert Lloyd moved to Cape Town when Trevor was 13 years old, and they lost contact for several years.

Is Patricia Noah Married?

Yes, she is. After her stint with Robert Lloyd, Patricia Noah married Abel Shingange, a mechanic, in 1992. Their paths crossed because Patricia’s Volkswagen was always demanding repairs, so she invariably had to spend much time at the garage fixing her car.

Consequently, the two bonded, and they decided to explore further. Although Trevor was against his mother’s decision to marry Abel, the marriage went as planned. Unfortunately, Abel physically abused Patricia and her son Trevor, and he and Patricia officially divorced in 1996.

Afterward, Trevor Noah’s mom married Sfiso Khoza in 2009 at an undisclosed venue. The lovely couple held the wedding secretly, with only close friends and family members in attendance. Consequently, details of how she met her husband or when they started dating are unavailable to the public.

A throwback picture of Patricia Noah and Trevor Noah.
A young Patricia and Trevor Noah. (Source: Pinterest)

How Many Children Does Patricia Noah Have?

Patricia Noah has three children from the three relationships she had. The celebrity mother gave birth to two other children after the birth of Trevor Noah, her first son. Patricia gave birth to two sons from her marriage to Abel, her first husband.

A few months after tying the knot, Abel and Patricia welcomed Andrew Shingange just before he started abusing her. Afterward, the couple had their second child, Isaac Shingange, and just like the first, most details about him elude the media. 

A picture of Patricia Noah's son, Trevor Noah.
The famous stand-up comedian. (Source: Pinterest)

Where Is Trevor Noah’s Mom Now?

After their divorce, Abel blamed Patricia Noah for his failure. Consequently, he tracked and assaulted Patricia and her two sons, Andrew and Isaac, in 2009. Abel shot at Patricia and her sons, and two bullets struck Patricia.

However, the bullets went through her head and body, missing vital organs. Although the police later apprehended Abel and sentenced him to court, he only got a minimal sentence for attempted murder.

On the other hand, Patricia Noah enjoys her status as a celebrity mom. In his book, “Born a Crime,” Trevor Noah admitted that he got his humor from his mother. He disclosed that Patricia taught him to use humor to cope with the injustices they faced. 

Like Rapper Saweetie’s mom, Trinidad Valentin, Patricia Noah played a crucial role in her son’s success and influenced his career choice.

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