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Bronwin Aurora: Why Did She Go Viral Last Year?

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Since TikTok achieved mainstream popularity, more and more young adults have been gravitating toward content creation as a career. One such person is Bronwin Aurora, a woman who created a viral video in 2022 that attracted many reactions.

Keep reading to learn more about her and her viral video. 

Bronwin Aurora
Bronwin Aurora. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Bronwin Aurora? 

Bronwin Aurora is a social media personality born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has a sister, Kristen Aurora, of Canadian nationality and white ethnicity.

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She entered this world on March 12, 2002, which makes her a Pisces. At the time of this writing, she is 21 years old. Aurora’s career as a social media influencer started on Instagram, where she gained popularity for sharing her modeling photos and lifestyle content.

What Does Bronwin Aurora Do? 

Bronwin Aurora is a content creator and influencer best known on TikTok as cutebron11. Aurora has amassed quite a large following on TikTok and Instagram thanks to her content, which ranges from lip-syncing to random humorous videos. 

Her Instagram username is @bronwinaurora, and she has more than 160 thousand followers who like her content. Aside from video content, she shares selfies and full-body outfit pictures that show off her physique. 

Bronwin Aurora is also active on OnlyFans. She has a page describing herself as “a petite college student exploring [her] sexuality.” To access her content, fans must pay a monthly subscription fee of $10. Her page now has more than 240,000 likes, and her subscribers continue to grow daily. 

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Why Did Bronwin Aurora Go Viral? 

Aurora went viral when she posted a video sketch that saw her pretend to be a retail assistant in a clothing store. Before the video’s release, Aurora already had a considerable following on TikTok. However, after she shared the footage, the gorgeous content creator was catapulted into TikTok fame. 

The video gathered almost two million likes in just one day and now has over 20 million views. It captured Aurora manning the till in a retail store when someone, supposedly a stranger (his face was hidden as he was behind the camera), goes up to her and places a pair of underwear down.

Bronwin Aurora
Bronwin Aurora. (Source: Pinterest)

He lets her know he wants to purchase the underwear but is worried about it fitting his girlfriend, who, he realizes, wears the same size as Aurora. To avoid making a costly mistake, the alleged customer asked Aurora if she would mind trying them on for him to see because he “needs to make sure” they are the right size for his girlfriend.

Ever the willing worker, Aurora agrees. But as she moves towards the changing rooms, the customer can be heard whispering to the camera: “I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

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How Did Social Media React to Bronwin Aurora’s Video?

When the video went viral, TikTok users took to the comment section to air their opinion, which was mainly mixed. Some found the sketch hilarious: One user who thought it was humorous wrote: “Going beyond customer service.”

Another echoed the sentiment, writing: “Bro, it got me when you said you didn’t have a girl.” 

Of course, some did not realize the video was a sketch and felt the need to comment on the fake situation.

One user wrote: “Things that never happened for 100.”

Another said: “This is cap af. These two know each other.”

Bronwin Aurora
Bronwin Aurora (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Bronwin Aurora’s Boyfriend? 

As far as we know, the TikTok star is not dating anyone. However, she is known to bring up people who are stand-ins for her potential partner in her videos. 

What Is Bronwin Aurora’s Net Worth? 

Aurora is reportedly worth around $1 million. Most of her revenue comes from her career as an influencer on her OnlyFans, TikTok, and Instagram social media accounts. 

Bronwin owns several TikTok accounts, but only one is verified. Her main account has over 700k followers, while her other accounts have over a million followers. She also has a Twitter account and YouTube channel with over 130k followers and 1k subscribers. 

Other famous content creators who enjoy Internet fame include Maddie May, Olivia Casta, and Eevie Aspen. 

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