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How To Wear Smudged Eyeliner This Summer

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On June 6, 2024, Hermès hosted a U.S. show for the first time. During the show, the brand debuted its new Resort collection for 2025. For the makeup, Hermès artistic director Nadège Vanhée drew inspiration from New Yorkers moving around town quickly and a bit of Parisian flair.

Hermès makeup artist and creative director Gregoris Pyrpylis took some time to explain how the idea came about. According to Pyrpylis, Vanhée wanted the makeup to give off a misty feeling. She wanted it to look like the makeup was carried by a lady from morning to evening.

How Vanhée Created the Smudged Eyeliner Look

Because of the eyeliner concept, as Hermès creative director Pyrpylis worked backstage, the weather outside didn’t reduce the makeup’s quality. Instead, it strengthened the look. To create the smudged eyeliner look, the brand’s creative director used the Hermès Beauty Le Regard collection. The eye pencils he used are from the collection, which has not been launched yet. According to the brand, it will be launched this fall. To complement the look, the artist used matte and iridescent finishes in dark plums, browns, deep blues, and greens.

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Nadège Vanhée
Source: Pinterest

Pyrpylis smudged the eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines to create the smudged look. In order to achieve this, he used a small brush to create a slightly blended effect. For other models, Pyrpylis applied an “extra layer of liner and smudge for a “kind of hazy, misty effect around the eye.” Pyrpylis explained that he and Vanhée were inspired by every element you could find around New York City. “The makeup is inspired by a real woman who lives in New York. She runs around, and her makeup can move with her and have life as well,” Pyrpylis said. To punctuate the effect of the look, Trait d’Hermès mascara was used on the roots of the lashes. For the other part of the makeup, the artist used Rouge Hermès and Hermès lip balm. With summer getting close, Hermès’ goal is to offer an eyeliner look with a statement. The brand aims to remind people that there’s beauty in imperfection, even if you have a smudging end-of-the-day look on.

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Hermès Beauty New Eye Makeup

Hermès Beauty New Eye makeup was shaped by Pyrpylis. According to him, he’s an “eye” person. The Le Regard collection consists of three pillars, such as the eyeshadow compacts, with six variations. These variations include art brushes and a suite of colored mascaras.

Gregoris Pyrpylis
Source: Pinterest

This collection shows Pyrpylis’ unassuming polish and house codes. For him, all that is in his mind are colors each time he thinks of Hermès. Furthermore, the eyeshadow collection is called Ombres d’Hermès. It has six gorgeous quads that show the brand’s luxurious style. When creating this collection, Pyrpylis aimed to capture Hermè’s signature silk texture in each shade. The eyeshadow’s white case carries the brand’s iconic gold logo.

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How To Smudge Your Eyeliner Without Using Your Fingers

If you don’t want to use your fingers to smudge your eyeliner, you can use a gel eyeliner. To use gel eyeliner, you must pick a gel eyeliner that can smudge. Compared to a liquid eyeliner that sets once applied, the gel eyeliner has a built-in smudger. The gel eyeliner stays wet for some seconds, and the built-in smudger usually tries to create a smoky look. To achieve this, you’ll have to draw your line almost immediately and flip over your pen to smudge it before it dries. When trying this out, you should start with one eye before moving to the next one.

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Hermès Beauty Le Regard collection eyeliner
Source: Pinterest

If you want to layer your eyeshadow, you can go over your smudged eyeshadow with a similar shade of eyeshadow. Doing this will give your eyeliner a more smokey look. With this, you can create a totally different look from the normal.

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