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How ‘War Room’ Actress, Priscilla Shirer Manages Her Family and Career — This Is What She Had to Say

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Evangelist, author, and actress, Priscilla Shirer, is a proud mother of three boys whom she shares with her husband of twenty years, Jerry Shirer. The 45-year-old has been an excellent mom to her kids while maintaining a successful career, thanks to her faith and dedication over the years.

Since making her entertainment debut in 2015 with the movie, “War Room,” Priscilla Shirer has touched a lot of lives with her unique, faith-inspiring acting roles. Remarkably, the actress, who is married with three adorable children, plays the same role in the real world, inspiring many with her exemplary life and her motivational books.

Amid her tasking careers as an actress, an author, an evangelist, and a motivational speaker, Shirer has been able to keep her family united in faith and love, with no scandals surrounding her marriage in over 20 years.

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Born in Dallas, Texas, to Christian parents, Lois and Tony Evans, the icon adopted Christianity as a way of life from a young age. Following her graduation from the University of Houston, the actress went on to marry Jerry Shirer, who also shares her faith.

Together, the two are parents to three boys. Priscilla Shirer’s kids, Jackson Shirer, Juda Shirer, and Jerry Jr. Shirer are aged 18, 16, and 12, respectively. The couple has raised the children as full-time parents, working from home, and spending enough family time together. Shirer has also admitted having help from their granny in addition to the support of her hands-on husband.


Priscilla Shirer’s husband, Jerry, came into her life in 1998, following a brief meeting at a luncheon at Hilton Hotel. Jerry was at the time, the Director of International Operations at Hilton. Shirer’s sponsor to the luncheon mysteriously match-made the two of them, marking the beginning of something beautiful.

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The duo tied the knot in 1999. Years later, they established the Going Beyond Ministries, which they run to date. When asked about her relationship with her husband and how she keeps their love alive despite their busy schedules, Priscilla explained that they have learned to value each other. 

Jerry Shirer and his wife turn down several public speaking invitations just to create time for family, and above all, for themselves. Recounting some of their active efforts to work on their relationships, Jerry divulged:

“We try to do a date night, or getaway for a few days, and we put the kids to bed early so we can have time for each other.”

To Priscilla, appreciating each other’s efforts and contributions, no matter how small, was key in a marriage. She calls it “learning to give each other a break,” and acknowledged that the process has helped her and Jerry develop a stronger bond. The icon also encouraged other couples to adopt that as a motto in their marital lives.

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The author is admittedly no expert on marriage and family life, yet, she manages to maintain a happy home. Priscilla Shirer’s family and relationship have excelled this far thanks to her faith in God, the actress once admitted. 

Motherhood is no easy task even for the evangelical spirit-filled superwoman. As a mother of three, the icon often has her hands full, despite having her husband sharing the chores and childcare responsibilities. On how she has coped thus far, Priscilla said she asked God one morning several years ago to supernaturally balance it all out for her, and he did just that.


The “War Room” actress once reflected on creating a balance between her career and being a mom. She described the experience as physically and emotionally difficult. Sometimes, creating a balance meant turning down invitations to social events and get-togethers. However, she believes the sacrifices were worthwhile as it enabled her to take care of God’s work and her family.


Shirer started out as a motivational speaker with the Zig Ziglar’s Convention many years ago. She also served as a host for a local TV show earlier in her career. As a master’s degree holder in Biblical Studies from the Dallas Theological Seminary School, the icon excelled as an evangelist. 

In 2015, she made her movie debut with her role in “War Room” as Elizabeth Jordan. She has since starred in two other inspiring movies, including “I Can Only Imagine” and 2019s “Overcomer.”

Alongside her ministerial duties at Going Beyond Ministries, Priscilla ministers through her books. Some of her notable works include “Discerning The Voice of God,” “God Is Able,” “The Resolution For Women,” “Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan For Steady, Specific and Strategic Prayer,” “Awaken: 90 Days With The God Who Speaks,” and the children’s book series, “The Prince Warriors.”

Through her works, Pricilla has easily gained global recognition as one of the most prominent women of faith.

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