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Pamela Hilburger: Who Is Devon Aoki’s Mother? 

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Pamela Hilburger is the former wife of the late Japanese-American wrestler Hiroaki Aoki. She rose to fame due to her marriage to Hiroaki, and after they went their separate ways, she once more relegated herself to a private life. 

Hilburger is also the proud mother of Devon Aoki, the daughter she welcomed while with Hiroaki. Devon has also become a success in her own right, and her fame continues to attract people to her mom, whom she inherited her beauty and figure from. 

Keep reading to learn more about Pamela Hilburger and how she went on to build an empire after her divorce. 

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Pamela Hilburger and Devon Aoki
Pamela Hilburger and Devon Aoki. (Source: Pinterest)

Who Is Devon Aoki’s Mother, Pamela Hilburger?

Pamela Hilburger may be famous as Devon Aoki’s mother and Hiroaki’s former wife, but that is not where her story ends. Hilburger was born in 1951 in Germany to Edwin Hilburger and Rosa D. She was blessed with six siblings while growing up, including Derek, Larry, Richard, Valerie, and the now-deceased Mark. 

She has German and English ancestry, but Pamela Hilburger’s nationality is American. Her daughter, Devon, is an American actress and fashion model. Some of her movie credits include supporting roles in “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City” and lead roles in “DOA: Dead or Alive” and “Mutant Chronicles.”

Hilburger’s husband, Hiroaki Aoki, is a Japanese-American restaurateur best known as the founder of the Japanese chain of restaurants under the name Benihana. He is also an amateur wrestler and powerboat racer. 

How Old Is Devon Aoki’s Mother? 

Pamela Hilburger’s specific date of birth has not been disclosed, but it is believed she was born sometime in 1951. As such, her age as of 2023 will be 72. It is worth noting that she looks nothing like her age, another clear evidence of where Devon, famous as a model, got her youthful looks. 

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Devon Aoki. (Source: Pinterest)

Pamela Hilburger and Hiroaki Aoki

Devon Aoki may never have existed if Hilburger had not met Hiroaki, who moved to New York City before winning the United States flyweight title in 1962, 1963, and 1964. 

In recognition of his achievements, the talented fighter was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1995. Neither he nor Hilburger have come forward with details on how they met.

However, it is publicly known that they got married in 1981. The ceremony was a beautiful one witnessed by their friends, family, and loved ones. It led to the birth of three kids: Devon Aoki, Kyle Aoki, and Echo V. Aoki. 

The union lasted about a decade before the couple ended things, getting divorced in 1991. The real reason behind their divorce was never shared with the public, leaving their fans to agonize over what could have happened. 

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The former couple remained cordial following their split and have been active as co-parents in their children’s lives. Following her split from Hiroaki, Hilburger stopped appearing in the limelight, choosing a more private life. 

Hiraoki with Devon Aoki
Hiraoki with Devon Aoki. (Source: Pinterest)

What Does Pamela Hilburger Do? 

For many women who married and divorced famous faces like Hiroaki’s, it is easy to get lost in the shadows cast by their achievements. However, it is different for Pamela Hilburger. After their divorce, she created an empire in the jewelry business and has been doing well.

She developed a love for jewelry and fashion at a young age. As such, her venture into the jewelry profession does not come as a surprise. These days, Hilburger works in crafting classic designer pieces for A-list clientele. 

She has collaborated with several high-end designer brands throughout her career. Many famous faces have also worn her work, including her daughter Devon Aoki

Who Is Pamela Hilburger With Now? 

Since she now lives a private life, keeping up with all that goes on in Hilburger’s life is difficult. As such, it is unknown if she currently has a man in her life or if she’s even in the market for one. 

On the other hand, her former husband has been remarried twice. His second marriage was to Chizuru Kobayashi Aoki, while his third was to Keiko Ono. Between both women, he fathered an additional four children. They are Kana Grace Nootenboom, Jenifer Crumb, Kevin Aoki, and the famous DJ and musician Steve Aoki.

John Cena is another famous fighter like Hiraoki, known for his feats in and outside the ring. Like Hiraoki, Cena has made many forays outside wrestling and is now regarded as a global superstar who has starred in many hit movies.

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