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Miley Cyrus’ Sister Speaks on Rumored Love Triangle With Mom Tish

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A picture of Noah, Tish and Dominic
Source: Twitter/PageSix

The Cyrus family has always been, in the eye, with Miley as the standout figure. However, there’s more to their story than Miley. Noah Cyrus, Miley’s sister, has recently been caught up in rumors of a love triangle involving their mother, Tish Cyrus, and actor Dominic Purcell.

Speculations about this supposed love triangle have been circulating for months. The main characters. Noah, Tish, and Dominic have chosen to stay silent until now. Recently, 24-year-old Noah decided to address the issue on her Instagram account.

In a post featuring photos from the Coachella music festival, Noah included captions alluding to Lana Del Rey’s song “Young & Beautiful.” She wrote a message asking God to reunite her with her loved one in heaven when she passes away. A comment from a social media user prompted Noah’s response.

The commenter questioned whether her post was about Dominic Purcell, who had been rumored to be involved with Noah and her mother, Tish. In response, Noah didn’t hold back. She expressed her frustration by wishing that person would “choke,” along with some choice words. Noah isn’t one to shy away from ending herself.

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Noah briefly dated Dominic Purcell before her mother, Tish, started a relationship with him in 2022. When Tish dated the Australian actor, she knew about Noah, but their relationship didn’t overlap.

Some reports suggest that Noah and Dominic had a friends-with-benefits dynamic in their relationship. Nevertheless, this connection concluded before Tish got involved with Dominic.

According to some sources, “Noah’s relationship with Dominic was just friends with benefits and nothing significant.” Nevertheless, it was over before Tish took up with Dominic. “It fizzled out, and Tish started something new.”

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However, in August 2022, Tish and Dominic got married, and spectators wondered why Noah and her older brother, Braison, were absent. Notably, the function was at Miley’s Malibu home.

Pictures of the wedding leaked online, revealing that Noah and Braison were absent, although Miley was the bride’s maid. 

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However, they passed the day jointly at Walmart while Noah sported a Billy Ray Cyrus motivation top and sent unvoiced messages about how she was air-gapped from her father to an Instagram account she knew her dad followed.

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Sources say that Braison showed up for his younger sister that day, reflecting how critical the situation was. Therefore, because of his inclination to be blunt with his mother, Braison was removed from the invitation list.

Tish’s older two kids from a former marriage, Brandi and Trace, attended the marriages and were taken in family image shoots with Purcell and 2 of his four kids for Vogue Weddings.

A resource reported that Tish worked with safety and security to make sure Noah was not at the wedding celebration. Noah stays in Malibu, a couple of blocks from her sister’s residence.

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Tish co-hosts a regular podcast with Brandi, but she hasn’t discussed the reports. Tish was previously married to Billy Ray Cyrus. Both applied for separation in April 2022, finishing their 28-year marital relationship.

The Cyrus household’s love triangle has captured the attention of a great deal of individuals, and Noah’s straight response discloses its intricacy. As the dramatization advances, something becomes clear: this household understands how to maintain presumptions.

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