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Kevin Hart Opens Up About His Real Height After Years of Speculation

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Kevin Hart is setting the record straight about his height!

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In an interview with Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes” on Sunday, April 21, the 44-year-old comedian revealed his actual height. Hart’s revelation came after Cooper recalled GQ saying he was 5’5″ while another outlet declared 5’2″.

“That place is bulls***,” Hart laughed. “GQ finally got it right. I’m 5-foot-5, like with a shoe on, like a sneaker.” He smirked, “Now, if I put a boot on, I can get to 5’5″ and a half.” Notably, the “Jumanji” actor hasn’t shied away from topics about his height over the past few decades. 

While speaking to Cooper, Kevin Hart revealed that it’s because he isn’t “afraid to laugh” at himself. Hart has never been afraid to put himself in the hot seat during his comedy sets. To him, laughing at yourself over insecurities or fears is a healthy way to accept them.

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“It’s talking about the things that you aren’t afraid to laugh at about yourself,” Hart explained. “I’m really confident that the laugh that I’m getting, you’re not laughing necessarily at me as if I’m a joke. “You’re laughing at the experience,” he continued.

“I’m giving you an experience through a story that is relatable and, more importantly,” he added. “I’m saying things other people just don’t have the heart to say.” In addition to discussing his height in the interview, Hart also opened up about his comic journey.

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The Hollywood favorite said his mom gave him one year “to figure it out” when he was jumpstarting his career. Then, he moved into his apartment and struggled to make money. “My mom kept asking me: ‘Did you read your Bible?'” he admitted. “And I was like: ‘No. Mom, this isn’t the time for me to be reading my Bible like I’m going through it.”

However, one day, Kevin Hart said he gave in. The on-screen star picked up his Bible and read it to tell her he had. But to his surprise, several checks fell from the pages. He said, “The rest of the year’s rent checks were in the Bible.”

While speaking about his journey in the entertainment industry, Hart credited his success to the “hardships” he went through. He noted the hardships he faced growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “I would not change anything,” he said of his upbringing. “Every piece of good. Every piece of bad.”

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“You feel like things are supposed to happen, and it’s supposed to be perfect,” he added. “But it’s not supposed to be.” Later during the interview, Cooper poked fun at a “tall tale” Kevin Hart tells in his shows about his wife watching “tall people p*rn.”

“Is that what you want?” the comedian said while recounting his reaction. He added, “I can’t fix that, so we have a problem.” When the topic of money came up, Kevin Hart became increasingly hesitant. Cooper asked if the comedian had reached billionaire status.

“None of your business,” Hart joked, prompting a giggle from Cooper. “Man, are you trying to get me robbed?”

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