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Kristi Noem: Everything We Know About the Trump VP Contender and Why She Killed a Dog

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A picture of Kristi Noem.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The landscape of American politics has seen the rise and fall of several influential figures, including Kristi Noem. However, her career fell when revelations showed how she handled an errant family pet.

Kristi Noem started her political career in 2007 after winning a seat in the South Dakota House of Representatives. She served only a term, which ended in 2011. Kristi elevated her career further after being elected into the U.S. House of Representatives, sitting for the South Dakota congressional district.

In 2019, the high-flying politician achieved prominence in the Republican Party. She won the South Dakota governorship election, becoming the state’s first female governor. Noem has been a devoted supporter of Trump, advocating and defending his policies in public. So it came as no surprise when we learned that she was being considered as Trump’s running mate in the coming election.

Noem became known as an unwavering conservative during her time as a congressman. She actively campaigned for individual rights, freedom, and responsibility while advocating for reducing government interference and business-favoring policies.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Noem used a hand-off approach compared to the strict lockdown approach implemented by other states. This policy received favorable responses.

Noem’s book, “No Going Back: The Truth on What’s Wrong with Politics and How We Move America Forward,” gives readers a glimpse into her life, career, and experience. Furthermore, the book details the nation’s capital’s problems and the importance of the coming election.

Despite all this, the story that has captured the public’s attention is about her pet dog, Cricket. In her book, she spoke about Cricket, a 14-year-old dog she initially planned on training to hunt pheasants.

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Noem wrote that when it was time for Cricket to go pheasant hunting, the dog chose to attack her neighbor’s chickens. Cricket killed one chicken after the other and had no remorse. Displeased by Cricket’s actions, Noem tried to stop her pet dog but got the shock of her life after the dog attacked her. 

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Since South Dakota’s laws allow dogs to be put down if they attack livestock, Noem took Cricket to a construction site. There, she shot the dog in a gravel pit while some construction workers watched.

Noem defended her actions, claiming Cricket was hostile and stubborn. She also cited that she gave the dog a second home and a second chance at life. However, Cricket never obeyed instructions and became aggressive despite using an electronic collar.

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With Cricket’s hostile and aggressive behavior becoming worrying, Noem felt she had no choice but to take a difficult but necessary action. However, despite her argument, Noem received backlash mainly from her political opponents and animal rights activists. Her critics believed there were better ways to deal with Cricket than killing the dog. 

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Following the incident and the backlash Noem received, her public rating took a hit. Consequently, questions about her capacity to hold a higher position are emerging, referencing her possible candidacy as Trump’s running mate.

What was supposed to be a testimony to her ability to handle messy and delicate matters has turned into a media nightmare. While Noem would be wondering if she should have made the revelation about killing her dog in her book, onlookers would be wondering if she would recover from this mess and resurrect her seemingly falling public rating and political career. 

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