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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Move To Oust Mike Johnson, Sets House in Turmoil

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has launched another attack on House Speaker Mike Johnson. On Wednesday, May 1, 2024, the controversial Rep announced her plan to force a vote on ousting the House Speaker. Notably, this is Greene’s second attempt to oust Johnson.

Greene’s move, which failed the first time, is poised to fail a second time, as Democrats are strongly considering voting to save Johnson. While the move may end up failing, it is sure to cause internal strife as she continues in her fight against Johnson. 

Despite Greene’s incessant attacks at Johnson’s speakership from his post, Johnson remains defiant. The House Speaker has announced that he has no intention of vacating his position as some House Democrats have vowed to kill Greene’s motion.

As stated earlier, the second-term Georgia lawmaker filed the motion to remove Johnson as Speaker in March. Following her announcement on Wednesday, Johnson condemned Greene’s move. “This motion is wrong for the Republican Conference, wrong for the institution, and wrong for the country,” he said.

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The Speaker also criticized Greene’s motion to oust him. However, Greene claims that her motion was not a personal attack on Johnson. While speaking to the media, Greene reiterated that her decision to force a vote was strictly based on Johnson’s performance as Speaker of the House.

While defending her decision, Greene pointed out that Johnson had supported Democrats in everything they wanted. She pointed to Johnson forcing Republicans into voting for the bipartisan Ukraine aid package despite strong Republican opposition.

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A vote to remove Johnson would need majority approval to succeed. However, with the Republicans at opposing ends and the Democrats’ support, the vote is expected to fail. However, Democrats are willing to take it “one step at a time.” Hence, it’s unclear how long they plan to keep saving Johnson if Greene repeatedly attempts to oust him. 

Also, some Republicans think it’s not the right move yet. They noted that forcing such a vote would send the house into disarray, leaving the position empty in a major election year. Rep. Ralph Norman pointed out that ousting Johnson would be a repeat of history.

Although they agreed with Greene’s move, they noted that ousting the House Speaker would only compound the problems they were already facing as no one wanted the job. Furthermore, they cited the unprecedented vote in 2023 that ousted Rep. Kevin McCarthy and the following struggle.

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While some agreed with Greene’s reason, others said the lawmaker was seeking attention. One such person is Rep. Marc Molinaro, who kicked against the move, saying Johnson will “sustain the Speakership.” On the other hand, Rep. Greg Pence noted the wrong timing of the move as House Republicans have more pressing matters at hand.

However, despite the support Johnson is getting from both sides of the aisle, Greene remains unhinged. The Conservative firebrand is set on her goal to force the vote to oust him on the House floor. Greene noted in an interview that she doesn’t give “a rat’s a**” what other Republicans think about her motion.

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