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How Often Should You Walk Your Dogs?

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Being a pet owner takes work.

Caring for your pets is no easy job, from keeping consistent feeding times to booking yearly veterinarian visits. Even walking your dogs can seem tedious. Experts say all dogs need a walk regardless of size, breed, or age. 

Walks, whether strolls, endurance runs, or bathroom breaks, benefit your dog’s health. However, the question is, how often should your pup go for a walk? While dog walking depends on a couple of factors, the main takeaway is that physical activity does wonders for your pet.

According to PetMD, there are four factors to consider when figuring out how often you should walk your dogs. These factors include the dog’s breed, age, exercise tolerance, and schedule. When it comes to dogs, each breed has its style of care.

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The American Kennel Club says some breeds may need to be walked once daily. However, others require up to three walks. Certain sporting and working dogs, like Golden Retrievers or Doberman Pinschers, need lots of daily activity and exercise. 

On the other hand, toy breeds, like Pekingese, are much calmer, according to the AKC. Like humans, PetMD says younger dogs will have more energy than their older counterparts. This means younger dogs may need more walks. Dogs up to 4 years old will also be more likely to engage in play than older dogs.

Importantly, you must note the health conditions of your older dogs. Health conditions like diabetes and arthritis may lower their stamina, making them less inclined to exercise and walk. According to PetMD, dogs in good shape can walk 20 to 30 minutes daily.

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However, if your dog is overweight or has health issues, it may only be able to make it through a 10-minute walk. The next time you take your dog on a walk, monitor your dog’s pace. This can help you assess what your dog can and cannot handle.

As stated earlier, another thing to consider is our schedule. Sometimes, our schedules are busy, so we cannot always take the time for a lengthy walk with our pet. Experts recommend walking your dog between 10 and 15 minutes, two to three times weekly.

Nevertheless, try an alternative if this is not feasible for your schedule. According to PetMD, 10 to 15 minutes of activity at home is an alternative to a walk outside. If you miss walking your dog a day or two, don’t beat yourself up; you’re not a bad pet owner.

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VetStreet says that as long as your pup gets some kind of activity, it is doing just fine. While walking may be the preferred exercise method for some pet owners, others do not have the time. You can play a game of catch or chase with your pet just as much as a walk.

While walking your dogs, you may notice they enjoy stopping to sniff on walks. Do not fret; dogs do that because it lets them know who else has gone to the bathroom there. Also, dogs want to make their mark in the area. Hence, they sniff out the best spot to do so.

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