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Griffin Arthur Fraser: Meet Brendan Fraser’s Autistic and Obese Son 

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Since he made his massive comeback to the acting world in “The Whale,” Griffin Arthur Fraser’s father, Brendan Fraser, has become more popular. Brendan dominated Hollywood in the 90s and early 2000s before his appearance started dwindling. For “The Whale,” Brendan had to undergo a significant physical change to play his character better, and it was worth it because the film once more put his name in many mouths. 

The talented actor won his first Oscar award in appreciation of his work, and his son, Griffin Arthur Fraser, was noted absent at the award ceremony. His siblings and Brendan’s girlfriend, Jeanne Moore, were present, but Brendan found a way to include Griffin. 

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Brendan Fraser with two of his sons
Brendan Fraser with two of his sons. (Source: Pinterest)

He did this by giving him a shoutout while he gave his acceptance speech for the Best Actor award he won for his performance in “The Whale.” His absence triggered curiosity about his life; keep reading to learn more about him. 

What Happened to Brendan Fraser’s Oldest Son?

Griffin Arthur Fraser is Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith’s first son. He was born on September 17, 2002, making him the actor’s oldest child. 

Brendan and his then-wife realized something was wrong with their child when he started experiencing verbal delays at an early age. The actor opened up about the ordeal when he was honored at Greenwich International Film Festival’s Inaugural GIFF Inspiration Talk and Award Ceremony.

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He said: “He got a diagnosis, and we were thunderstruck, as I imagine many of you in the audience here can comprehend or understand because of the surprise that came with not knowing what to do.”

He noted their frustration at the time. “No matter which medical text or source you consult, it’s like trying to get a straight answer from a leprechaun. The answer is for reasons unknown.”

His first impulse was to rush in and try to fix things. But the actor forced himself to approach the matter with a level head. Instead, he relegated himself to learning from his son, whom he says has taught him and Smith to provide all he needs. 

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Brendan Fraser with his "The Whale" costar Sadie Sink
Brendan Fraser with his “The Whale” costar Sadie Sink. (Source: Pinterest)

Brendan Fraser Says Griffin Arthur Fraser Is Special 

In 2018, Brendan interviewed with GQ about Griffin being on the autism spectrum. The “George of the Jungle” actor said

“He needs extra love in the world, and he gets it. [He is] a curative on everyone who meets him, I noticed. People have some rough edges to them. Or he just makes them, I don’t know…put things into sharper relief and maybe find a way to have a little bit more compassion. They don’t put themselves first so much around him.”

The proud dad mentioned Griffin again during a February 2023 interview with Howard Stern, revealing why he goes out of his way to reach out to fans with autism at public events.

He said: “Because my oldest son is autistic, I know how meaningful it is to their families and them. It means a lot to feel like you can gratify someone just by showing up; it means a lot.”

Brendan also talked about the problems parents of autistic kids face while advocating for them. He explained: “You’re going to encounter a lot of really colorful people, and how you navigate that comes down to how much you know everything’s going to be okay. You must believe that in spite of it.”

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s Parents 

His parents are Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith. The duo reportedly ran into each other at Winona Ryder’s Fourth of July party in 1993. They hit it off and married in 1998, but it was not meant to last because it ended in 2009. 

According to reports, Smith is seemingly single, but Brendan is believed to be in a committed relationship with Jeanne Moore. Many believe things are getting serious between the pair as she joined him and his kids at the 2023 Oscars. 

Brendan Fraser with his girlfriend
Brendan Fraser with his girlfriend (Source: Pinterest)

Griffin Arthur Fraser’s Net Worth

Since many details about his life are private, nobody knows what Griffin Arthur Fraser does for a living. As such, it is impossible to calculate his present net worth, but we know that he lives in luxury thanks to Brendan Fraser and his former wife. 

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