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“Say Goodbye to Your Son,” Texas Mom Sends Chilling Message to Ex-Husband Before Killing Him

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A picture of the Texas mom and her son
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Usually, a mother’s love is warm, all-encompassing, and unconditional. However, recent events, which saw a Texas woman murder her 3-year-old son, highlight how that bond can become horrifying. It all started on March 19, after authorities discovered the body of Savannah Samantha Kriger and her son Kaiden’s body.

During a Wednesday, May 1 news conference, the police confirmed that the gut-wrenching incident was an act of a mother’s twisted affection. According to the police, Kriger and her son were reported missing a day before officials found them. Bexar County Sherrif Javier Salazar said Kriger drove to her ex-husband’s house on the day of her disappearance.

According to police reports, the now-late woman damaged several valuables at her ex-husband’s house. Notably, Kriger did not meet her husband at home. Hence, she destroyed his furniture, clothes, and other household items. Salazar noted that Kriger didn’t meet her husband at home, so she drove back to her residence.

Upon a thorough search of her residence after she went missing, deputies found a wedding dress and two wedding portraits with bullet holes in them. Reports reveal officials found shell casings similar to the ones discovered at the crime scene. The murder-suicide became even more horrifying after the suspect sent a chilling message to her ex-husband.

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According to the authorities, Kriger drove to her son’s daycare to pick him up after shooting up her wedding portraits. Salazar claims surveillance footage shows her signing the three-year-old boy out of daycare and loading him into her car.

Afterward, Kriger reached out to her ex-husband, giving him a hint about the tragedy that was about to befall him. She allegedly Facetimed her ex-husband, who authorities said recorded their conversation using another device.

“You don’t have anything to go home to now,” Kriger told him, hinting at the evil she had planned. During the press briefing, Salazar revealed that Kriger kept driving for over seven miles.

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After trying to reach her ex-husband to no avail, Kriger sent a chilling text to him, telling him to say “goodbye” to his son. After getting the message, Kriger’s ex-husband called 911. However, that could not stop the premeditated events that followed.

After being unable to reach her ex-husband, Kriger sent him a video of herself and the boy at the location where the police eventually found their bodies. “Say goodbye to daddy,” Kriger reportedly told her son, apologizing for his father’s absence.

A search for the mother-son duo commenced after officials responded to Kriger’s house to take his criminal mischief report. A day after the unsuccessful search, authorities found the two bodies at the park.

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Furthermore, Salazar said officials found the assault weapon at the scene. Notably, Kriger purchased the gun legally from a friend. This murder-suicide will not be the first of its kind, as an Oklahoma man recently killed his wife and three children before taking his own life.

According to the state authorities, the incident was the deadliest since the 1999 mass shooting. With the increasing rate of gun violence in the US, several agencies have called for stricter gun laws. However, states have been making their rules, leaving the fight against guns headless.

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