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Tom Selleck Recounts Breaking Up Princess Diana and John Travolta’s Dance in New Memoir

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Renowned “Blue Bloods” actor Tom Selleck discussed his new memoir, “You Never Know,” in an interview with Town & Country. The 79-year-old TV star gave a sneak peek at what the book entails, and it seems we are in for a ride!

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The “Magnum, P.I.” star pours out fond memories from the 1980s. From life lessons to his Hollywood career to his global superstar stint, Selleck writes about it all. The memoir also dishes out events surrounding his iconic 1980 “Magnum” role.

However, one detail that stood out from the interview was when Selleck discussed a passage in his book. In the passage, he recounts dancing with Princess Diana. The talented actor noted that he was in Hawaii, filming “Magnum, P.I.”

While discussing the passage, Selleck noted that it happened at a White House Dinner in 1985. He didn’t plan to attend until his publicist told him the Princess of Wales invited him and two other actors, Clint Eastwood and John Travolta.

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Since it’s not every day a real-life princess invites you to a party, Tom Selleck and the other actors honored the invite. On getting to the event, Selleck noted that he and Eastwood opted to stay away from the spotlight. Travolta, on the other hand, danced with the Princess. 

“We moved away from all the dancers and moved to a spot around the corner,” Selleck wrote. He recounted that the Princess and Travolta got into their second dance, and the other dancers had formed a circle around them, cheering as the two danced to an uptempo beat.

However, Selleck noted that a British woman approached him as the two got into the second dance. He recounted that the unidentified woman urged him to step in and ask for a dance with the Princess.

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While talking about the experience at the interview, Tom Selleck noted that the woman told him to cut in on the dance to prevent their dance from sparking rumors. However, Selleck recalled refusing the woman’s request, saying a sharp “No.”

In the memoir, Tom Selleck recounted that after Travolta and Princess Diana’s second dance, he stepped in before they could go for a third. Furthermore, the “Magnum P.I.” Star spoke about the Princess of Wales’ qualities, noting that she was reserved.

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“Oh yeah, I was starstruck,” Selleck said, noting that the Princess had him tongue-tied. Besides detailing the dreamy dance with Princess Diana, Selleck also wrote about Frank Sinatra’s six-day “Magnum” shoot. “Just make sure u beat somebody,” Selleck says Sinatra requested.

According to Selleck, the then-70-year-old actor committed to portraying an NYPD sergeant who had a vendetta against the culprits who ended his granddaughter’s life. Selleck recounted that although Sinatra was hospitalized, the actor pledged to be available for filming.

However, a sudden set camera flash ruined Sinatra’s powerful scene while the actor was delivering a power punch to the villain. Besides the dance with Princess Diana and Frank Sinatra’s unusual bill for “Magnum,” Tom Selleck also recounted other experiences from his early career days.

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