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“I’m Not the Same Drug Addicted Person,” Billy Idol Talks About Sobriety

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Renowned Generation X frontman Billy Idol is giving fans a look into his new relationship with substance use. While speaking at a recent interview on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, the 68-year-old talented singer opened up about his struggle with substance abuse in the past.

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According to the famous singer, his battle with substance use peaked in the 80’s and early 90’s. However, a near-death experience gave the “Dancing with Myself” singer a fresh perspective on life.

Idol revealed while speaking to People magazine that he had an epiphany after he almost lost a leg in a 1990 motorcycle accident. The talented singer pointed out that he started to think about quitting drugs after the brush with death. 

Over three decades later, Billy Idol reflects on the decision. Idol noted his progress, saying he’s achieved discipline despite his initial challenges. “I’m not the same addicted person,” he said.

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However, the 68-year-old singer recounted that it was a challenging experience. However, with commitment and dedication, the talented singer beat the addiction. Most people with a substance abuse history steer clear of alcohol and other things that might make them indulge in substance abuse again.

Conversely, Billy Idol seems to have his routine figured out. During the lengthy Wednesday interview, Idol revealed that he still drinks wine. However, he noted that he is “California sober.” 

He said he can occasionally drink wine without indulging in other substances. For context, “California Sober” means giving up on major hard drugs but continuing to consume other minor substances.

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In Idol’s case, he chose to continue taking wine. Speaking about his recovery from substance abuse, Billy Idol noted that his AA group meetings also played a vital role. According to the talented singer, the AA program termed addiction as a “lifelong illness.”

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Furthermore, Idol stated that he was lucky to get away, as a lot of people who struggled with substance abuse remain behind bars. Idol’s revelation resonated with fans, who took to social media to congratulate him on his sobriety journey.

Billy Idol is not the only famous music star who has assisted him. The singer claims he motivated himself throughout his sobriety journey by using reverse psychology. Furthermore, the Generation X singer noted that hanging out with like-minded people helped his sobriety.

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Idol said he mainly hangs out with his old friends and his bandmates, who are all sober. While celebrating his win against substance abuse, the talented singer noted that not every addict was fortunate enough to get over their addiction like him.

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He also noted that not everyone can be “California Sober.” Like Billy Idol, former Disney star Demi Lovato has also opened up about being “California sober.” Following a near-death experience in 2018, Lovato released a docuseries where she opened up about being California sober. 

Months later, the former Disney star denounced her initial statement about being “California Sober,” saying, “Sober sober is the only way to go.” While the method didn’t work out for Lovato, it seems to work for Idol, who has sold millions of albums worldwide.

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