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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Declares State of Emergency Over Tornadoes

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Governor of Michigan declares state of emergency
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Due to the tornadoes that struck the region recently, Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan State has issued a “state of emergency” in some parts of the state. Gretchen said on X formerly Twitter, “I’ve issued a state of emergency for Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Branch, and Cass counties following a catastrophic storm outbreak.”

“To monitor the situation and organize services for anyone impacted, we will collaborate with emergency personnel throughout the night. Michigan is resilient, and we can recover together.” As severe weather affected the area, the National Weather Service published the inaugural tornado emergency for Michigan ever.

There have been several tornado alerts in place for southeast Michigan. Union City was declared under a tornado emergency, the first of such declaration for the state since 1999. At 6:11 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the National Weather Service issued a warning about a ” verified big and wrecking tornado” through Union City.

Following two tornadoes that passed over the region, the mayor of Portage, Michigan, which is close to Kalamazoo, stated that her metropolis had “severe wreckage to both residential and commercial facilities.” Tuesday night, she added, there was no power in the region because of fallen trees and cables that were impeding restoration.

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Images from a FedEx facility in Portage revealed significant destruction. At least fifty individuals were inside the severely affected industrial site, according to authorities. Authorities said there were no reports of significant injuries, and a FedEx representative verified late on Tuesday night that every staff was “protected and reported for.” 

According to Kalamazoo authorities, the storm caused “severe wreckage” to the Pavilion Estates mobile home park. Whitmer cautioned residents to heed weather advisories beforehand on Tuesday night.

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“My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the catastrophic storms that struck southwest Michigan tonight. Teams of emergency personnel are on the scene and trying to help Michigan residents”. In a statement on X formerly Twitter, she added, “I urge all residents to keep an eye out for severe weather signals and heed the guidance of emergency personnel”.

The Ohio Valley and a portion of the southern Great Lakes were under threat from tornadoes on Tuesday, following the reporting of over a dozen tornadoes across the Plains overnight and into Tuesday. In the storm area, which stretches from Chicago to Nashville, Tennessee, there are over thirty-five million People. 

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Parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky were under a tornado watch through Tuesday nightfall. There might be a few tornadoes, severe surges of up to seventy mph, and rain the dimensions of baseballs.

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Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky has advised citizens to get ready for the terrible weather that is predicted to affect a large portion of the state over the next couple of days. This weather includes “possibly big tornadoes,” floods, hail, and strong winds.

During a news conference, Beshear stated, “We’ve gone through all of these events and we know how lethal they can be.” Therefore, all individuals must act immediately and devise a strategy to ensure their own and their families safety.

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