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HomeNewsHuge Storm Rages Through Tennessee Leaving Residents Terrified

Huge Storm Rages Through Tennessee Leaving Residents Terrified

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The state of Tennessee recently faced a severe storm that left six dead, hundreds injured, and hundreds of thousands without power. The storm started with severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, and snow rolling east with all fierceness. 

A picture of a storm in Tennessee
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Sadly, it left a lot of people injured and took the lives of at least six people in Nashville. Joseph Dalton, 37, Floridema Gabriel Perez, 31, and her son, Anthony Elmer Mendez, 2, were the first three fatalities from the storm. Not long after, the mayor’s office also confirmed the death of three more victims who died in Clarksville. 

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This tragic storm injured over a hundred people, and many of them are in critical condition at the hospital. Officials also recorded several other damages, including flipped cars, bucked trees, blown roofs, and destroyed buildings. Most residents had to seek shelter in their basements, and shoppers caught in the storm sought refuge in store basements. 

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According to weather experts, this ordeal might not be over just yet. They predict a string of tornadoes and fear the snow will get heavier. According to AccuWeather, this storm may be moving east and can also affect other regions.

Winds could gust to 50 mph around New York City and Boston, and higher gusts of 60-70 mph are possible on Long Island and the southern coast of Massachusetts. 

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Therefore, they advised residents to stay out and not travel via air or road for a while. On the bright side, experts predict that the conditions could improve really soon. On Sunday, the sun shone bright for all to see, showing all the damage from the previous days. Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell also spoke to USA TODAY to give an update on the situation on ground. 

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He said, “We’re focused on taking care of people today and powering through heartbreak into resilience. Today’s beautiful sunshine will become a dangerous cold snap tonight, so we’re working on safely restoring power and getting information out about shelter options.”

This isn’t the first time Tennessee has experienced such a terrible storm. Just two years ago, a brutal storm ripped through the state, leaving destruction in its wake. That same storm flowed into Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois. It also claimed over 80 lives, with thousands of properties destroyed. 

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Furthermore, a similar incident happened in March 2020 after over six tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee. This also caused the death of 25 people, and hundreds got injured in its aftermath. The mayor also urged residents to be very careful in the coming days as predictions can change anytime. 

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Some residents have a lot of damaged properties, while some only suffered a bit of damage. A resident, Lyanne Garay, spoke on her experience and the aftermath. “Compared to everybody, we’re fine, but it’s still a shock that we don’t have any place to go or anything to do, and our house has been water-damaged,” she said.

“We always hear the alarms and everything but never experienced something like that.” Thankfully, when the storm hit, Garay was not home with her four children. 

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