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Controversy in Denver as Illegal Immigrant Influx Increases Beyond 30,000

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A picture of the Texas border patrol agents and some illegal immigrants
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A reporter from Denver strongly criticized the city for becoming a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. Jimmy Sengenberger, speaking on GB News, mentioned that large groups of migrants are arriving by bus, putting a strain on the city’s resources. 

Recent reports indicate that over $33 million has been spent by Denver to support the increasing number of people, with many coming from Venezuela. Sengenberger also noted a notable “change” in the origin of the arriving migrants.

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“It’s not just from South America. It’s people coming in from Africa and Asia”, he said. “They’re being sold this bill of goods that if they come to the United States, they’ll be provided with food, medical care, and housing.

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That is overburdening cities across the country, including those like Denver, where we have a status for the City of Denver in what’s called a ‘sanctuary city’ where reporting immigrants, illegal immigrants to federal authorities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement aren’t standard practice.”

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“In fact, it’s explicitly discouraged.”

He added that “busloads” have been arriving from other parts of the country, leaving the city filled to the brim. “Up to 30,000 have come in last year to Denver from Texas and other states down at the border,” he said.

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“It is really putting a strain on the infrastructure and the systems here.”

According to a city spokesperson, Denver has experienced an “emergency” situation with an estimated influx of over 30,000 immigrants in just one year.

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“It has taken a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from the Denver staff,” he told CBS.

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The city urges the federal government for additional financial support and requests southern border states to cease unannounced overnight drop-offs. Despite concerns, the American public is displaying generosity by encouraging the purchase of Christmas gifts for immigrant children.

Additionally, the city plans to conduct a job fair for part-time workers, offering a wage of over $30 per hour to assist in staffing the shelters that serve the immigrants.

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