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TikTok Files Lawsuit Against US Law That Could Ban the Platform From the Country

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Pres. Joe Signed a bill to ban tik-tok
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A recent United States rule which will prohibit the well known social video app from being used in the country until it is bought by an authorized bidder is being challenged in court by TikTok and its Chinese home. They claim that the rule unjustly targets the service and is an unparalleled infringement on the right to open speech.

ByteDance alleges in its complaint that the recent legislation, which circumvents the First modification, unfairly characterizes its custody of TikTok as a national safety issue, even though there is no proof the firm is a danger.

Furthermore, it claims that because the legislation is so undoubtedly unlawful, its proponents are misrepresenting it as a means of controlling TikTok’s sovereignty. 

ByteDance claims in the legal action submitted in a Washington appeals court that “for the very first time in history, Congress has passed a legislation which imposes only one named communication forum to lasting, national restrictions and prohibits every U.S, citizen from engaging with a distinctive virtual group with more than 1 billion users globally”.

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The measure, which U.S. Pres. Biden approved as part of a bigger assistance bundle, targeted a specific social networking business for a prospective prohibition for the first time in American history. Supporters of free expression argue that this is to be expected from totalitarian administrations like those in China and Iran. 

The complaint is the most recent development in what seems to be a drawn-out regulatory battle over TikTok’s legitimate status in the U.S., a battle that may eventually reach the Supreme Court. TikTok claims it will have to close its doors the following year if it loses.

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ByteDance has 9 months to sell the platform to a bidder who has been approved by the American government, under the legislation. In case a sale is in progress, the business will have an additional 3 months to finalize the agreement.

According to ByteDance, selling TikTok is not in the cards. However, Beijing’s approval would be required even if the corporation decided to sell. The complaint claims that the Chinese authorities explicitly stated that ByteDance would not be permitted to employ the technique that is essential to the success of TikTok in the U.S. and generates user posts.

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According to TikTok and ByteDance, the new rule forces them to close by 19th January of the following year since it would be illegal, impractical, and unfeasible for them to continue operating in the United States.

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They add that ByteDance cannot possibly separate its American TikTok network from the other TikTok, which has one billion users globally, the majority of whom are not from the U.S. According to the case, a TikTok exclusive to the United States would function as an isolated community cut off from other users from in the globe.

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