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Snowstorm Hits Northeast, Causing Canceled Flights, Closed Schools, Blocked Roads

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winter storm hit northeast
Source: Matt Rourke/AP

A swift-moving winter storm swept across the Northeast on Tuesday, leaving a trail of significant snowfall in some areas while others experienced less than anticipated. The storm’s impact was diverse, resulting in many accidents on slippery roads, flight cancellations, school closures, and technical challenges in transitioning to remote learning.

Reports from the National Weather Service indicated varying snow accumulation across the region, with some parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut blanketed in up to 15 inches (38 centimeters) of snow. In comparison, New York City’s Central Park received only about 3 inches (8 centimeters) of slushy snow.

Despite the challenges posed by the storm, reactions among residents were mixed. Ricky Smith, a New York City resident, expressed relief at the quiet winter while emphasizing the importance of safety: “It’s been a quiet winter, so it’s welcoming. I hope nobody gets hurt.”

In New York City, shifting to remote learning instead of declaring a snow day drew criticism from many quarters. Technical issues plagued the virtual learning experience, with numerous students and teachers encountering difficulties accessing online platforms. The situation at PS 112 in East Harlem exemplified the challenges faced, with teacher Jessica Roach highlighting the confusion and inconvenience caused by technical glitches.

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Parent Chong Bretillon echoed sentiments of frustration, recounting her struggles to navigate the remote learning environment: “I just spent almost an hour trying to log in and log out. Everyone’s frustrated.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams defended the move to remote learning, citing concerns over learning losses exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the decision drew scrutiny, blaming IBM for technical shortcomings. Schools Chancellor David Banks attributed the issues to IBM’s unpreparedness, although the company claimed that most problems were resolved.

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The storm also disrupted travel plans, with over 1,000 flights canceled, primarily in New York City and Boston. Accidents were reported across the region, prompting several states to impose restrictions on certain types of vehicles on highways.

Tragically, the storm claimed at least one life in Newberry Township, Pennsylvania, where a man operating a snowmobile collided with a downed utility line. Authorities highlighted the hazardous conditions prevailing during the storm, which led to multiple incidents of downed trees and power lines.

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As residents grappled with the storm’s aftermath, officials urged caution and emphasized safety measures. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont ordered the closure of state offices, while Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey directed non-essential state employees to stay home.

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Despite the challenges, some residents found solace in nature’s display, marveling at the crashing waves along the Plymouth waterfront. As the region navigates through the aftermath of the storm, the focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of residents amidst the winter weather onslaught.

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