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Weather Forecast Shows Nor’Easter Could Deliver NYC’s Biggest Snow in Over Two Years

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Bicycles covered with inches of snow
Source: WGN Radio/X

 Residents of New York City can look forward to the heaviest snowfall in two years. However, that weather forecast is a bit subtle because several factors are involved. 

The heavy snowfall forecast narrows down on a small portion of New York; if factors like wind speed change even slightly, the snowfall may turn out less severe than expected. 

The National Weather Service is expecting the nor’easter to make landfall in its fullness on Tuesday morning. Thanks to the same East Coast storm, New York City is already experiencing some rainfall. However, the forecast suggests that the rainfall, which has persisted over the weekend till Monday, will transform into a snowstorm in the early hours of Tuesday. 

The NWS has already warned multiple states that may experience heavy snowfall thanks to the nor’easter. Places like Pennsylvania, Southern New York, and northern New Jersey are already under heavy snowfall alert. 

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For naysayers who do not understand what a heavy snowfall implies, it disrupts regular activities. For example, forecasts estimate there will be over 2 inches of snowfall in an hour! Likewise, wind speed will peak at about 40 mph. The Weather Prediction Center suggests that this combination may require the affected locations to declare a couple of off days. Why? Some public services may be affected. 

In their advisory notice, the National Weather Service said, “Travel could be tough to impossible. Patchy blowing snow could significantly reduce visibility. The hazardous conditions will impact the Tuesday morning and evening commute.”

However, the same predictions also suggest that the variations in the severity of the forecast may vary significantly from one City to another. The buffer area will be quite small, so much so that cities with a distance of as little as 20 miles will observe prominent differences in the level of their snowfall. 

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For New York City, the forecasts estimate that just a portion of the northern part of the metropolis will receive heavy snowfall. Nonetheless, the National Weather Service is not ruling out the possibility of the nor’easter going a bit off track and dumping its snowflakes in the very center of the City. 

Experts say NYC will likely receive between 5 and 8 inches of snow; however, even if the fall is just 2 inches, it would be the biggest snowstorm since January 2022. 

By Tuesday, the nor’easter will then proceed inland to places like southern Massachusetts, Rhodes Island, and southern New England. Even Boston is on the storm’s radar. Things may slow down a bit for these regions if and when the snow eventually falls.

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Many of the cities on this path are experiencing their warmest winter in a while. However, records show that February is usually their snowiest month due to storms like the Nor’easter. 

The nor’easter may also trigger some coastal flooding on the seaward parts of New York, New Jersey, and New England. Local officials are already notifying residents to gear up for the storm. Schools are closing until things ease down. Likewise, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has advised residents to avoid commutes and air travel if they can help it. 

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