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Jack Smith Calls Out Judge Cannon’s Error in Court Filing, Citing Her Past Cases

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Source: Mediaite

In a recent legal maneuver, special counsel Jack Smith referenced a previous case Judge Aileen Cannon presided over, highlighting a precedent that could shape the outcome of Donald Trump’s ongoing legal battle. Smith’s tactic, urging Cannon to rule against the former president, demonstrates the intricate web of legal strategies unfolding in the high-stakes proceedings.

As Trump’s defense team seeks to portray the case as a politically motivated “witch hunt,” they’ve petitioned Cannon to compel Smith’s team to hand over evidence. However, Smith’s recent filing cited a case from Cannon’s past, emphasizing her role in establishing boundaries to combat delaying tactics — an apparent warning against yielding to Trump’s demands.

The case in question dates back to Cannon’s tenure as a federal prosecutor in South Florida, where she played a pivotal role in securing convictions in a sting operation. Her experience, highlighted by Smith, serves as a pointed reminder of the importance of upholding legal standards amid claims of bias or unfair prosecution.

Cannon’s previous involvement in the U.S. vs. Cannon case shows the complexities of the legal landscape surrounding Trump’s trial. By invoking precedent directly tied to Cannon’s legal career, Smith’s maneuver carries strategic weight, signaling a nuanced approach to challenging Trump’s selective prosecution claims.

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“Smith’s choice to cite case law that Cannon worked could be viewed as a reminder to the judge that she knows better than to side with Trump on this — especially on such a narrow topic as bias-alleging document requests,” The Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery wrote.

“She worked on almost no cases. She had minimal courtroom experience. To find a case that she worked on that resulted in a published opinion is improbable,” Catherine Ross, a professor emeritus at George Washington University Law School, told the Daily Beast. “It’s a brilliant maneuver, particularly with a judge who had so little trial background,” she said.

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“It’s not quite the same as confronting a judge with an opinion they wrote or joined,” Ross added. “I don’t think selective prosecution comes up often. There are very few people who can pass the laugh test on claiming that. I think they have her locked in a pretty tight spot — if she were a normal judge.”

However, Smith’s legal maneuvers extend beyond invoking precedent. He has also challenged Cannon’s recent rulings, accusing her of jeopardizing witness safety by unredacted sensitive information. Former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman warns of the potential consequences of Cannon’s actions, suggesting they could lead to her recusal from the case.

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Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann echoes concerns about Cannon’s rulings, suggesting they may prompt intervention from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Weissmann emphasizes the importance of upholding legal standards and avoiding actions that could compromise ongoing investigations.

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As the legal drama unfolds, the implications of Smith’s tactical approach and Cannon’s rulings remain uncertain. The clash between legal precedent, judicial discretion, and political interests underscores the complexities of navigating the intersection of law and politics in high-profile cases.

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