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HomeNewsSheriff's Office Arrests 11-Year-Old for Bringing Loaded Gun to School

Sheriff’s Office Arrests 11-Year-Old for Bringing Loaded Gun to School

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11-year-old arrested after gun found in Mountainside Middle School
Source: ABC15 Arizona/YouTube

In Jacksonville, Florida, local Sheriffs have arrested an 11-year-old boy for going to school with a gun and allegedly trying to use it against a fellow student. 

This report is yet another instant to stir up the debate over gun laws. Likewise, with recent shootings in some schools across the US, which have left many families bereaved, law enforcement did not smile at such a report. 

Since the boy’s arrest, he has been slammed with multiple criminal charges. One, for possession and concealment of a firearm on the school property. Second, for a written threat to kill. These charges are the content of the boy’s booking report. 

No one knows for sure what the boy’s intentions were. However, it may have turned out to be yet another bloody headline in the news. Thanks to three other students who reported the student with the gun, there were no casualties. 

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It turns out that the boy unveiled his weapon in the school bathroom and showed it to the three other students. The three students quietly watched as the boy racked the weapon’s slide and waved it around. 

However, immediately after leaving the bathroom, the three other students told a teacher what they had just seen. The teacher, in turn, escalated the issue to top administrators at the Beauclerc Elementary School. To avoid any eventuality, the administrators mobilized to search the boy’s belongings. News outlets are not publicizing the suspect’s name as the law still sees him as a minor. 

During the search, administrators did find a loaded gun among the boy’s belongings. Also, after going through his phone, they equally found a text inferring that he was looking forward to killing another student.

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After the weapon’s discovery, the boy did not show any form of remorse and did not try to discredit the text on his phone. Further investigations revealed that the bathroom would not be the first place where the boy ‘flashed’ his weapon. Some students also claimed that he showed it while on the school bus. 

In a similar case, a 6-year-old elementary school student went to school with a gun, sometime last year. This happened in Newport News, Virginia, where the student eventually shot their teacher in class.

The teacher sustained an injury to her hand before the bullet lodged in her chest. Investigation into this particular case revealed that a staff member searched through the student’s backpack earlier in the day before the incident. 

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It would be later discovered that the gun belongs to the 6-year-old’s mother. Apparently, the mother, Deja Taylor, was a regular user of marijuana and did not declare this information during the weapon purchase. After pleading guilty to the criminal charges against her, Taylor was sentenced to 21 months of incarceration without an option of a fine. 

Likewise, another student in Michigan killed four of his classmates in a fatal shooting incident. Seven more people had a scratch with death, as they came off with injuries. Similar to Taylor, the parents of the Michigan shooter were slammed with indictments for purchasing the gun for their son. The court is also holding them accountable for the minor’s uncensored access to firearms. 

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