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Texas Republican Slams Elise Stefanik’s Remarks, Says She’s “Totally Wrong”

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Dan Crenshaw in am interview on CNN
Source: Newsweek

Texas Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw criticized Representative Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican, on Friday for her recent remarks about decertifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. Stefanik, an ally of former President Donald Trump, had expressed her disagreement with former Vice President Mike Pence’s handling of the election outcome during an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on Thursday.

Crenshaw appeared on CNN’s Inside Politics with Dana Bash to refute Stefanik’s stance, stating, “The only reason I’m not worried is because what she’s saying is so completely incorrect,” Crenshaw said. “The Constitution gives you no power — you, being the vice president — gives you no power to decertify the election. It’s obvious.”

He further explained, “If you did see that scenario where a vice president could say whatever they wanted, right there at the gavel, they could say whatever they wanted, and it wouldn’t matter because it’s not true. The Constitution simply doesn’t allow it, there’s no procedure for it.”

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“I mean, we could pull it up on the screen and read it. Mike Pence read it, and he came to the conclusion that he has no power to decertify [an] election,” he continued. “The word ‘certify’ is not even in there. So, this idea that there even is a mechanism for Congress to certify or decertify an election is just — it’s totally wrong.” 

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Crenshaw added, “Democrats have been totally wrong about it. They’ve done it all the last few elections. Republicans are wrong about it this time.”

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He also expressed concerns about alleged “unconstitutional overreach” in states like Pennsylvania and emphasized the importance of upholding the Constitution and ensuring secure elections.

The aftermath of the 2020 election saw calls from Trump and some Republican lawmakers to challenge the election results. In his capacity as president of the Senate, Pence faced pressure to overturn the results from certain states. However, he declined to intervene, stating that his oath to uphold the Constitution prevented him from doing so.

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Representative Daniel Goldman, a New York Democrat, also weighed in on Stefanik’s comments, calling them “unbelievably revealing and incredibly shameful.” He criticized Stefanik for her apparent reversal of stance regarding the Capitol riot and her willingness to overturn a lawful election if she were vice president.

Looking ahead, Stefanik has been mentioned as a potential running mate for Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. However, she has not confirmed any discussions about such a possibility, emphasizing her current responsibilities as the Republican conference chair.

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Bash asked the Texas lawmaker what would happen if someone like Stefanik was in the No. 2 position in 2024 and a similar situation occurred. He brushed off the question, insisting Trump wouldn’t become president for a second time. But he added that their posture on the issue wouldn’t be a difference-maker since they have no power to decertify an election.

In the ongoing debate surrounding the 2020 election and its aftermath, differing views within the Republican Party continue to emerge, reflecting broader divisions within American politics.

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