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Authorities Accuse California Donut Shop Owner of Peddling “Pink Cocaine”

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 Luis Carrillo-Moyeda
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The year is 2024, and drugs have become a big part of human existence. Drugs are now so commonplace that this California man thought he could get away with peddling it.

He is now in police custody for making and peddling a new synthetic drug known as “pink cocaine.” His name is Luis Carrillo-Moyeda, 32. He became a primary suspect after detectives found evidence of the manufacturing and sale of illegal narcotics in his business building.

The business, Yum Yum Donut Shop, is a property of Carillo-Moyeda. It is located in a shopping center in the 400 block of Blossom Hill Road in San Jose. Detectives executed search warrants for the suspect’s home and place of business on January 19. 

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The search turned up various illegal narcotics, narcotics manufacturing parts, large amounts of cash, an unregistered firearm, and ammunition. Carrillo-Moyeda was allegedly manufacturing and peddling a new form of cocaine. 

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The substance has many names on the street. They call it “Tusi,” “2C,” “Pink Cocaine,” “Pantera Rosa,” and sometimes “Pink Panther.” The illegal narcotic is a new synthetic drug that comprises a mixture of ketamine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), methamphetamine, cocaine, and opioids, police said. 

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The substance is chemically similar to normal cocaine, but it appears pink. According to Dr. Daniel Nelson of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the mixture of drugs can be deadly. Possible symptoms include agitation, hallucinations, psychosis, and hyperstimulation.

San Jose Police spokeswoman Tanya Hernandez warned that this type of narcotic has only recently come to the attention of law enforcement. “We are starting to see it, more cases of it. So, we just wanted the public to be aware that it is out there,” she said. 

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Drugs, in general, are turning out to be an ever-growing source of problems in the US despite all the good they do. The Nation has an interesting and extensive drug history and has even gone as far as fighting a “War on Drugs.”

Prescription drug abuse is currently the Nation’s fastest-growing drug problem and has been classified as an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While some go too far with prescription drugs, others have been getting involved with illicit drugs like pink cocaine. As it stands, the most commonly used illicit drugs in the United States are marijuana, cocaine, and LSD. 

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Marijuana has become legal in some states, but in others, it is still a crime to be caught with it. As of 2021, around 128 million people in the United States had used marijuana at some point in their lifetime, while 41 million had used cocaine and 29.5 million LSD.

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