Sunday, February 18, 2024
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HomeNewsTaylor Swift Continues Record-Breaking Sold-Out Tour in Tokyo

Taylor Swift Continues Record-Breaking Sold-Out Tour in Tokyo

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A crowd of Swifties trying to gain access to the Tokyo Dome
Source: New York Times Music/X

It’s been six years since Taylor Swift’s last performance in Japan. Swift’s loyal fan base is already in a frenzy, and I can’t wait to see her go on stage at the 50,000-seater Tokyo Dome. Organizers of the Tokyo show say the entry tickets to view Swift’s performances sold out in the space of 30 minutes.

Fans defied freezing temperatures and waited in long queues to buy merchandise for the show. Interestingly, many foreigners are also jetting in to participate in the convergence of Swift’s fans. The Tokyo chapter of Swift’s Eras Tour will consist of four consecutive nights of performance at the Tokyo Dome.

She had her opening performance on Wednesday and will round up her Tokyo stint on Saturday. Long before nightfall on Wednesday, many Swift fans lounged outside the Tokyo Dome, even before the opening of its doors. 

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One of the Swifties, that’s what the minstrel’s fans call themselves, is a die-hard fan. Kana Ishiyone is her name, and she bought tickets for all four nights of Swift’s Tokyo performance. To get to Tokyo, Ishiyone traveled several hours from the southern city of Fukuoka. Another of her extremes is that after discovering the Swift Phenomenon in 2009, she took lessons in English solely to understand the lyrics of Swift’s songs. 

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Ishiyone took a two-year break from work right after Swift announced her plans for the Eras Tour. Entertainment analysts are projecting that Swift’s Eras Tour may turn out to be the highest-grossing tour of all time. The tour started in March last year and may run till December 2024. 

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Obviously, many Swifties attending the Tokyo show are not from Japan. A little prodding and many of them revealed they were not lucky enough to get tickets for their home shows. For example, two New Zealanders tried all they could to buy tickets for Swift’s performance in Australia but could not. So, when they heard that the Eras Tour was going to Tokyo, they tried getting the tickets online and were lucky. 

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Analysts believe that Swift’s Eras Tour is transforming the economy of every city it arrives in. The mere fact that some fans are following Swift around the world means each host city would experience a sudden boom in transactions that will tickle the economy. 

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For example, merchandise like friendship bracelets go on sale, and hotels, restaurants, and fast food outlets experience a spike in sales. So, it’s a no-brainer for city administrators and capitalists to want the Eras Tour to come to their city. 

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After her last Tokyo performance on Saturday night, Swift will be jetting back to Las Vegas. Fans of the Super Bowl are looking forward to seeing her at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. However, many are skeptical that she’ll be able to make it. Japan to Las Vegas is a 12-hour flight, and the two locations have a 17-hour time difference between them.

However, the Japanese embassy in Washington has waded in by reassuring fans that Japan is 17 hours ahead of Las Vegas. So, by the time Swift ends her Tokyo show on Saturday night, it would still be the early hours of Saturday in Vegas. 

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