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California Governor Slams GOP Conspiracies About Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Source: ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube

Popular American singer Taylor Swift has found herself at the center of political conspiracy theories. These theories are circulated by Trump’s supporters on social media. In 2020, the popular singer endorsed Joe Biden, and now his administration is seeking her endorsement in the 2024 reelections. 

Last fall alone, she was able to get 3,000 people to vote in a day. “When you have someone registering 30,000 votes at a time, it absolutely can have an impact,” said Andrea Hailey, the CEO of nonpartisan Her influence and position have not gone unnoticed by the Republicans. However, Swift has yet to endorse any political candidate.

The Republicans worry that she could influence people to vote in favor of President Joe Biden. This is especially true because her huge fan base comprises mostly the liberal and young adults in the U.S. The Republicans claimed that her relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is also part of a political scheme. 

For example, during the Chiefs’ game against the Baltimore Ravens for the conference championship, Mike Crispi, who hosts a pro-Trump podcast, went on a rant. He alleged that the NFL had “rigged” a Chief’s victory. “All to spread DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA. Calling it now: KC wins, goes to Super Bowl, Swift comes out at the halftime show and ‘endorses’ Joe Biden with Kelce at midfield. It’s all been an op since day one,” he wrote on X.

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Also, there have been claims that the pop icon is used as a political tool for influencing people’s thoughts and behaviors. Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested that Taylor Swift was a “front for a covert political agenda.” He suggested that her recent involvement in politics was planned by the Pentagon, even though he had no proof. 

“If we did, we’d share it,” Watters said. “But we’re curious because the pop star who endorsed Biden is urging millions of her followers to vote.” But, the Pentagon denied Watters’ claim, stating that it was a “conspiracy theory.”

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Recently, California Governor Gavin Newsom stood up for pop icon Taylor Swift. During an interview with MSNBC, Newsom condemned the attacks on Swift as “sad and pathetic.” His defense scored him admiration from her fans.

“They don’t want people to vote,” Newsom said to host Jonathan Capehart about the Republican Party. “They want to make it harder because they can’t win if you vote. How sad and pathetic the Republican Party has become that Taylor Swift literally is a threat to them for one reason: She wants folks to turn out and vote,” he told Jonathan Capehart.

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Swift’s relationship with Kelce has only contributed to fueling the attacks from Trump’s loyalists. Her boyfriend was constantly attacked because of his appearances in Pfizer advertisements promoting COVID-19 vaccination. Plus, he collaborated with beer company Budlight, which was widely criticized for supporting a transgender influencer.

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During the interview, Capehart asked Newsom if he had any advice for Swift as she finds herself in the political spotlight. But he said, “I’m not telling Taylor Swift anything. I’m in awe of her resiliency. She’s a remarkable person. Politicians should be learning about that example. I’m not worried about her capacity to weather these rather weak storm systems coming in from Jesse Watters and a few others.”

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