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60-Year-Old Widow Opens Up About Her Resentment for Her Husband

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In a turn of events, a 60-year-old widow has come out lamenting about her new husband. She got married to her new husband, John, three years ago. John, who is 62 years old, has been in two previous marriages and divorces.

She had three children from her previous marriage, all of whom are grown and financially independent. Similarly, John has a total of four children, two from each marriage. John’s two older children, both of whom are approaching their 40s, are all independent.

However, his other two children, a 31-year-old son, and a mid-20s daughter, have been known to make terrible life decisions and rely on their father for income. Speaking about his younger children, she started with his 31-year-old son.

According to the widow, he has fathered four little children with his partner. Despite cohabiting, they classify themselves as single, with their partner wanting another kid. However, despite advising them to try a career in the trades, they have refused, even though they are unable to keep a job.

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Upon her late husband’s passing, the widow took over the role of president at her late husband’s company, giving up her nursing career. Although the company is highly profitable, it is undoubtedly a specialized one. John retired from his job around the time they were married; he was in a managerial position.

When they got married, John moved into her big, mortgage-less house. He has completed five years of spousal support and receives Social Security. During his second divorce, he lost half his pension and other assets, but despite that, he still has $1.2 million in assets.

According to the arrangement and agreement they made before their marriage, John was to pay for his own personal bills. She agreed to cover all of their joint bills as she was in a better position financially. These bills include their entertainment, food, meals, and vacation costs. Her investment portfolio is approximately $5 million.

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She also offered to help him fulfill his dream of learning to fly. Furthermore, as per the agreement, they promised to split other expenses 50/50. However, the reality was much different.

John’s younger son resides in one his of smaller homes, where he hasn’t paid rent in four years. Upon further revelation, it was discovered that John was the one paying for the utilities and water after they were cut off.

He also helps buy groceries and stuff for the children whenever he visits. Additionally, he provides support to his 20-something daughter, who is financially dependent on him due to multiple misconducts.

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Whenever John visits his more successful children across the country, he always pays for their dinners and groceries, which amount to thousands of dollars. She claims this, having seen his credit card statements.

John doesn’t spend from his investments but rather his Social Security check, which he spends on supporting his younger two children. This results in him barely having enough for himself and her having to cover his remaining expenses, his credit card bill, and his truck payment. She further added that they debate about finances all the time.

Despite seeing a counselor, there is no improvement. When the widow complains, he gets angry and calls her selfish, claiming she doesn’t like his kids. Obviously, this is bad for a newly married couple.

Before their marriage, she had no idea how dependent his children were on him. So she asks if she is giving too little or too much and what advice do we have for her.

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