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Trump Attacks Biden, NY Prosecutor, Others at New Jersey Rally

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“They’re doing the bidding for crooked Joe Biden. This is all being done by crooked Joe Biden,” Donald Trump said at a rally in New Jersey on Saturday, May 11, 2024. The Republican presidential candidate, preparing for a 2020 rematch with Biden, has made similar accusations several times.

Although he has no evidence to back his claims, Trump maintains the 88 felony charges brought against him are politically motivated. Known for his temper and usual outbursts, Trump has attacked President Biden several times. 

He accused Biden of instigating a witch-hunt, which saw the former president indicted in New York, Georgia, Florida, and Columbia. However, Trump has pleaded not guilty to the charges, maintaining that Biden was witch-hunting him.

The New York civil fraud case accused Trump of overvaluing his assets to secure a favorable loan, and the judge fined the former president $454 million. However, after filing at an appellate court, he posted a $175 million bond, avoiding the initial fine.

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Furthermore, the hush-money case in New York moved to trial after a successful jury selection on April 15. The first criminal trial involving a former US president, the hush-money trial may be the only trial Trump will face before the November election.

Besides attacking Biden at the Saturday rally, Trump also launched fresh attacks on the judge overseeing his hush-money trial, Judge Juan Merchan. Notably, Merchan issued a gag order barring Trump from talking about the family of the judge, court staff, jury, and everyone in the case.

However, the former president has violated the order on several occasions, claiming the order violates his First Amendment rights. While speaking before a large audience, Trump also accused District Attorney Alvin Braggs of working at the behest of Biden. “Fat Alvin, corrupt guy,” Trump said.

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Despite Trump’s brash comments and legal woes, supporters from the beachside town of Wildwood, New Jersey, trooped out in their numbers. In the 2020 election, Biden beat Trump in the state with 16 percentage points. However, Trump, while speaking to supporters at the rally, said he plans to win the state in November.

During the rally, Trump reminded supporters why he deserved their votes. The former president capitalized on a tax cut he signed into law in 2017. Known as the Trump-era tax cuts, the law reduced the taxes of many. However, Biden has revealed his plan to let the tax cuts expire by January 2025.

Conversely, if he returns to the White House, Trump has vowed to enact policies, including fresh tariffs. Furthermore, the Republican presidential candidate pledged to halt offshore projects and introduce a new tax cut. “Instead of a Biden tax hike, I’ll give you a Trump middle-class, upper-class, lower-class, business-class big tax cut,” Trump said.

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As the presidential election draws nearer, Americans face the tough choice of electing who they want into the White House. For some, it’s a given that Biden is the right choice. However, for some, it’s Trump. For others, both candidates are not ideal. 

While Biden supports abortion rights, the migrant crisis remains a major issue for voters. On the other hand, Trump’s abortion rights stance is a deal-breaker for most women voters. Hence, only time will reveal the man who will occupy the White House.

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