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Fani Wills Set To Face Voters in Two Weeks With Low Chances of Winning

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Months after launching an investigation into former President Donald Trump, famed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis prepares to face voters. Willis gained widespread attention with her investigation into Trump’s alleged election interference in the 2020 election in Georgia.

The DA accused Trump of trying to overturn the presidential election result in Georgia, which Biden won narrowly. However, Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges in the case and, in his usual manner, claimed the charges brought against him were a witch-hunt. 

Furthermore, he accused the Fulton County DA of targeting him politically. Like Trump, Republicans also poked holes into the case, saying the allegations were unfounded. While Willis maintained her stance against Trump, the case blew apart when allegations of conduct were brought against her.

Willis, set to face attorney Christian Wise Smith in the May 21 Democratic primaries, had to take the stand to defend her position in the case. Willis’s relationship with her lead prosecutor, Nathan Wade, became public. As a result, attorneys representing Trump requested the DA’s disqualification from the case.

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The controversy surrounding the two’s relationship cloaked the case in uncertainty as the two claimed there was no conflict of interest. For context, after their relationship became public, Trump’s attorneys blew it out of proportion, saying Wade being the lead prosecutor was unethical because of their relationship.

On the other hand, Willis and Wade claimed their relationship ended a long time ago and had nothing to do with the case. Trump’s attorneys further claimed it was unethical, saying Willis had received favors, including payments from Wade. However, the DA claimed she paid for her expenses during their brief stint.

The question about Willis’ ethics violation stalled the case for a while, with several witness testimonies. On Judge McAfee’s orders, the investigation saw Wade excuse himself from the case. With an ongoing investigation from Republican lawmakers in Georgia, the future of Willis’ re-election bid looks bleak.

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Although the lawmaker maintains her innocence, the misconduct allegations related to the misuse of public funds cast a dark shadow on her campaign. However, a poll shows that the DA still stands a chance against Wise Smith if Democrats hand her the nomination.

With Willis’ future uncertain, Wise Smith is taking advantage of the opportunity. Richard McDaniel, Wise Smith’s senior advisor, spoke about his client’s campaign, saying it has been smooth. McDaniel claims the campaign is optimistic they can regain the District Attorney’s office.

Despite Willis’ woes, the District Attorney is doing better than her opponent, especially regarding fundraising. According to her last disclosure filing on February 7, Willis raised $326,042. On the other end, Wise Smith’s latest filing on April 7 shows he raised $77,726.

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The financial differences do not indicate who might win; incumbents always have an advantage over the other candidates. However, the county must favor whoever wins the upcoming primaries to win the November general election. 

Willis won her first election against DA Paul Howard Jr. in 2020 with over 70% of the votes. After running unopposed in the general elections, she became the county’s DA. Will Fani Willis maintain her spot? With the primary around the corner, that remains to be seen.

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