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Police Strike Down Conspiracies About Mica Miller’s Death, Say Her Suicide “Is Quite Clear”

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A picture of Mica Miller and her husband
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In the new release, further details about the suicide of Mica Miller, wife of South Carolina pastor John-Paul Miller, have been released by the authorities.

In a new announcement, Robeson County Sheriff’s Office issued a public statement that Mica’s body was found iubmerged near Lumber River State Park on April 27.

According to the county’s medical examiner, Dr. Richard Johnson, she committed suicide. He submitted the report to WPDE on Monday, May 6. Since this report, police have found several fact that support the statement.

The Myrtle Beach resident left her home at 11:38 a.m. the same day she went missing, as per the RCSO. Investigators learned that she had acquired a handgun from a pawn shop in the early morning. Her body, along with the pistol case and a receipt were recovered in her car at crime scene.

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They then examined the handgun, which was a 9 mm Sig Sauer handgun, and discovered the same serial number on the weapon and the box that was found in her car.

In a 911 call made to Robeson County at 2:54 p.m., which was released by the sheriff’s office, She can be heard asking if her whereabouts could be tracked down.

When the dispatcher tracked her to the Lumber River State Park, she was ask why she wanted her location public. Mica’s vehicle found shortly after she contacted Robeson County from North Carolina’s Lumber River State Park at approximately 3 p.m.

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Someone had found a bag near the water edge with an identification belonging to Miller. Shortly after that, he approached the investigators to report the discovery. Ultimately, Mica’s lifeless body was discovered in the lake.

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Officials from the RCSO denied conspiracy theories that surfaced online. They verified in their that John-Paul and Mica were estranged and separated.

Many people in the Carolinas and elsewhere have taken notice of this occurrence. Sheriff Wilkins stated that he wanted everyone to know that a very detailed investigation was carried out.

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In their statement, the sheriff’s office disclosed that they determined Mica’s spouse was at an athletic event in Charleston on the day of Mica’s death. Both he and the woman he’s linked to romantically were not in North Carolina before and during Mica’s death.

John-Paul was given the chance of with police on May 7 but through his lawyer, he informed them he would not be available to do so.

Authorities’ research indicated John-Paul Miller flew to Charleston on April 26 for a sporting event, which was supported by eyewitnesses. License plate readers recognized his pickup moving toward Charleston.

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According to investigators, eyewitness testimony also verified John-Paul stayed overnight on April 26 in the Charleston region. A license plate reader recognized him returning to the Myrtle Beach area on April 27 on Highway 17 Bypass at 2:22 p.m.

According to Robeson County investigators, John-Paul was with other people when traveling to and from the Charleston region.

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