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Kathy Hochul Retracts Statement About Black Kids in the Bronx, Says She Regrets the Offhand Remark

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Governor Kathy Hochul of New York says she regrets saying that black kids in the Bronx don’t understand what a computer is.

During an interview at a major business conference in California on Monday, Democratic Congressman Ted Hochul made an impromptu remark about how artificial intelligence could help low-income communities by creating more jobs.

Hochul stated that there are black children growing up in the Bronx right now who have no clue what a computer is. Speaking from the platform at the Milken Institute Global Conference, she said, they do not know these things.

The governor clarified that her objective is to give communities of color access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies as a way to alleviate social inequalities when the comment was not brought up during the interview.

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Nevertheless, a number of prominent New York politicians swiftly criticized the comments. State Assemblywoman Amanda Septimo, a Democrat from the Bronx, called it “harmful, deeply misinformed, and genuinely appalling.”

Later on Monday, Hochul acknowledged she misspoke, saying she regrets ever making the statement. “Black children in the Bronx are aware of computers, of course; the issue is that they frequently do not have access to the necessary technology to pursue careers in high-paying fields such as artificial intelligence.” 

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Hochul said further added that she will keep fighting to ensure that every New Yorker has the chance at securing a better job, which is why I have dedicated my attention to expanding economic opportunity since Day One of my administration.”

As Hochul’s comments gained popularity online, Democratic Assembly Speaker of New York State Carl Heastie, who represents the Bronx in the Legislature, stepped out to support her.

“I don’t think that’s where the governor’s heart is, even though her remarks were unpleasant and insensitive. Heastie stated, “I sincerely believe she wants to see all of our students excel.”

The backlash was sharp and quick. South Bronx state assemblywoman Amanda stated that repeating harmful stereotypes about marginalized groups encourages abuse systems.

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Bronxite and fellow assembly member Karines Reyes expressed her profound disapproval of the comments and urged Hochul to “do better.” She declared, “Our children are exceedingly capable, bright, brilliant, and deserving of any opportunities that are extended to other kids.”

Hochul has been in hot water before this year. This is not the first instance. In reaction to the Israeli military action in Gaza in reaction to the Hamas attacks on October 7, she imagined in February what might happen if Canada launched an attack on a US city.

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