Monday, May 27, 2024
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HomeNewsFlorida Officials Sue Biden Over Administration’s New Transgender Healthcare Rule

Florida Officials Sue Biden Over Administration’s New Transgender Healthcare Rule

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Over the past year, most Republican-led states have been at odds with the Biden administration’s handling of several issues. First, it was Texas against Biden over the presidency’s inactivity on the migrant crisis plaguing the state.

Now, it’s Florida against the Biden Administration over its new Transgender healthcare rule. Notably, the American Civil Liberties Union states that 2023 saw the enactment of several anti-LGBTQ laws. The Biden administration recently announced a new healthcare rule based on Obamacare, which bans discrimination based on gender identity.

The new rule would allow transgender people to get gender-affirming care without discrimination. However, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Catholic Medical Association (CMA) have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s new healthcare rule.

Moody and the Catholic medical group claim that the new rule, published by the US Department of Health and Services, was more of an imposition than a policy. They argue that the rule would force doctors to perform gender-affirming and gender transition procedures against their judgment.

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Furthermore, Moody also noted in the complaint that the healthcare rule would violate doctors’ First Amendment rights. The Florida AG claimed it would strip doctors of their right to speech and freedom of religion by forcing them to perform the procedures against their will or face penalties.

In the filing, the CMA and Moody condemned the anti-discrimination law, saying it goes beyond that. The plaintiffs maintain that it would force healthcare providers to provide puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries for transgender minors against their ethical judgment.

Besides violating doctors’ rights, the CMA and Moody argued that the rule conflicts with Florida law. Notably, Florida has a law banning gender-affirming care, especially for minors. “These rules trample states’ power to protect their own citizens,” Moody said.

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The Florida AG isn’t the first to accuse Biden of violating states’ right to protect themselves. Texas State Governor Greg Abbott also accused the president of violating the state’s constitution. As a result, the two had a lengthy legal battle over Texas’ strict immigration laws.

Besides having different views on immigration, Republicans and Democrats have different opinions on other issues, including abortion rights and LGBTQ inclusion. Conservatives have been vocal about their stance against LGBTQ inclusion. 

Several Republican-led states have banned trans athletes from participating in women’s sports. Also, many have put laws banning gender-affirming care procedures in place to protect minors and other residents.

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Moody and the CMA described the Biden Administration’s new rule as “arbitrary and capricious.” Hence, they’re asking the court to block its enforcement. While Moody and the CMA have vehemently opposed the new rule, LGBTQ advocates say gender-affirming care is medically necessary. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics affirms that the procedure is lifesaving and putting restrictions on it is discriminatory. Over the past year, the Biden administration has introduced several LGTBQ-friendly laws despite the strong opposition from Republicans.

The president recently passed a bill that would bar federally funded schools and colleges from discriminating against transgender students. However, the law has faced strong opposition from conservatives, who have filed a lawsuit challenging the measure.

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