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GOP Pass Bill Blocking Biden From Banning Household Appliances That Run on Gas

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In an effort to safeguard certain rights, the Democrats and Republicans banded together to pass a bill last week Tuesday. The bill will prevent the Biden administration from outlawing common natural gas-powered household appliances.

The bill, which was introduced by House Republicans in early 2023, would forbid the Consumer Product Safety Commission from outlawing gas stoves. It came after the agency moved to control or ban kitchen equipment used in many homes.

Representative Darrell Issa and forty-three House Republicans introduced the GAS Act to prevent the discussion of a ban at home.

By a vote of 248 to 180, lawmakers approved the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, preventing the Consumer Product Safety Commission from prohibiting’ gas stoves. In the end, 29 Democrats voted in favor of the bill with Republicans.

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Republicans in Congress have attributed the cost increases on Biden’s climate agenda, launching a slew of bills to prevent the DOE from enacting regulations that would impact everyday American items.

On Tuesday morning last week, at the House’s weekly press meeting, she joined GOP leaders. She stated she’s from Maricopa County, Arizona, and understands her constituents don’t want interference in their homes or lives.

According to the White House, President Joe Biden is against both the GOP legislation because they undermine the sensible action made reduced our power bills. The Democrat-controlled Senate did not anticipate the progress of the bill.

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Last week, House conservatives rebelled against Speaker McCarthy’s leadership on the debt ceiling extension, leading to a postponement of scheduled bills. Eleven Republicans, led by House Freedom Caucus members, caused a weeklong delay in House proceedings.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, called the effort a means to a power grab. She stated the plan wasn’t to care for citizens but to demonstrate governmental power.

She argued that requiring citizens to switch from gas to costlier options will increase expenses, especially impacting low-income households. Democrats referred to those worries as exaggerated.

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The plan would have led to removing half of the gas stoves that didn’t meet energy efficiency criteria. It was released by the DOE in February 2023 and was meant to be implemented in 2027.

The plan brought backlash from the conservatives. Consequently, it was not added in the completed plans that the administration released in January of this year.

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