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Officials Reschedule Baltimore Bridge Wreckage Removal Over Lightning

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Baltimore Wreckage
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After lightning was detected close to the bridge in Baltimore on Sunday, officials notified ABC News that the dismantling of the bridge would take place on Monday. In an effort to assist in removing the wreckage from the ship that crashed in March, engineers were slated to use guided dynamite in the steel remnants of the Key Bridge on Sunday.

According to authorities, the demolition procedure has been extended until Monday at 5:00 p.m. Since Friday, persistent storms in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area have postponed the evacuation. 

Unified Command, the organization in charge of cleanup and reuse activities, said in a report that the dynamite will separate a sizable portion of the beam at certain points to enable “salvors to use cranes and barges already on location to take out those portions of the bridge and eventually evacuate the MV Dali from the route.”

The federal on-scene supervisor for Key Bridge Recovery, Capt. David O’Connell, stated in an announcement, “We lessen risks to our people and can securely and successfully finish cleaning the route for the Port of Baltimore by employing accurate cuts.”

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According to authorities, hearing protection won’t be necessary outside of a two thousand-yard radius around the location. The buzz within the radius will span anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds, with the noise level outside of it being not any louder than a usual fireworks display, according to Unified Command.

Residents will receive a smartphone message alerting them regarding the explosion, according to Unified Command. Since the ship malfunctioned on 26th March, causing it to crash into the bridge in the early hours of the next day, it has been stranded in this spot.

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Authorities can be seen closely inspecting the site where the bridge formerly stood in the body camera footage of the event, which was made public on Friday by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in response to an ABC News request for public records. 

The crew’s smartphones were taken away by the FBI agent as part of the inquiry, as CNN earlier revealed. According to the unions, this action has prevented the crew members from communicating with their families and from accessing essential supplies.

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“The phone problem is making them a little nervous. Messick stated, “We are working to return their mobile phones to them. It’s more than just a phone; they are unable to access their contacts, internet banking, money, or even family photographs before retiring for the night. It is much more than a simple phone.

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The unions claim that its delegates were on board the Dali in April to make sure everyone on board was safe. They are asking for the crew’s visas to be updated or prolonged in order to facilitate shore leave The unions are also asking for the return of their gadgets and the quick return of any crew members who are not needed for additional inquiry.

The Seafarers International Union president, Dave Heindel, stated, “The crew’s freedoms and wellbeing should not be compromised throughout the inquiry, no matter how long it takes.” 

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