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HomeGeneralDavid Simon Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene “Submoronic” for Her Baltimore Bridge Claims

David Simon Calls Marjorie Taylor Greene “Submoronic” for Her Baltimore Bridge Claims

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David Simon
Source: @SocialPowerOne1/X

David Simon, the Baltimore journalist and creator of the iconic TV series “The Wire,” has vehemently rebutted Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s assertions about the Baltimore bridge collapse. She implied that the tragic bridge collapse in the city was a deliberate act.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic incident, the Georgia congresswoman turned to social media platform X. She called for a “serious investigation” while casting doubt on whether it was “an intentional attack or an accident.”

In response to Greene’s insinuation, Simon, known for his gritty crime drama set in Baltimore, expressed his views bluntly.

“Are you intentional or just an accident? You complete sub-moronic pratfall of a human being,” he wrote, labeling the congresswoman as “sub-moronic.”

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The veteran writer clarified that the bridge collapse was attributed to problems concerning “port operation” and “bridge maintenance,” which fall under state jurisdiction. This is separate from Baltimore’s city governance.

“Moron, port facilities and operations, interstate bridge maintenance, etc. have nothing whatsoever to do with Baltimore’s governance but are all state functions,” Simon asserted.

The heated confrontation occurred following a terrifying event in which a cargo ship collided with a support column of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing a section of the structure to collapse.

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Multiple vehicles fell into the water below, and construction workers are still unaccounted for as search operations continue. Regarding the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge caused by a cargo ship collision overnight, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said, “There is no question that this will be a major and protracted impact on supply chains.”

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Buttigieg also highlighted the difficulties in predicting the timeline for clearing the channel and reopening the port. Among those promoting theories of an “inside job” was Rep. Greene.

Law enforcement authorities have asserted that there is no evidence indicating the collision was intentional, as NPR reported. Authorities are treating the matter as an accident caused by the ship’s navigation error.

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In recent news, officials announced the opening of a second temporary channel at the location where a cargo ship collided with and brought down the Francis Scott Key Bridge last week in Baltimore, Maryland.

The newly opened channel boasts a depth of 14 feet. Two ships — a fuel barge and a scrap barge — successfully navigated through a separate temporary channel. This was located on the north side of the bridge just yesterday, which offers a depth of 11 feet.

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Maryland Gov. Wes Moore highlighted during a news briefing that the center of the bridge reaches a depth of 50 feet. He also noted that large cargo ships transporting vehicles usually necessitate depths of at least 35 feet.

Rough weather conditions have posed challenges in removing sections of the bridge from the Patapsco River waters. On Monday, lightning in the area hindered attempts to remove one section, preventing crane operations and thereby slowing down recovery efforts.

“We just can’t do that lift in lightning, and some of the conditions are making that lift challenging from a safety perspective,” Coast Guard Rear Adm. Shannon Gilreath said.

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