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Former Olympic Swimmer Sharron Davies Slams Transgender Athlete for Competing in Women’s Sports

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British former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has slammed transgender runner CeCe Telfer’s in new X post. She condemned Telfer’s recent participation in a US women’s track meet, calling it “simply cheating.”

A picture of Sharron Davies and CeCe Telfer
Source: nypost/X

Davies, who won a silver in the 400 medley for Britain in 1980, called out the unfairness in transgender athletes’. Furthermore, she claims participation in women’s sports is unfair and cheating to the women.

Davies, 61, tweeted after a photo of Telfer circulated across social media from an event earlier this year. The track star competed in a meet after winning an NCAA Division II championship with Franklin Pierce University in 2019.

“Spot the male athlete in the women’s race! It’s simply cheating,” the ex-Olympian tweeted on Sunday, March 31, 2024. Sharron Davies made the post alongside a photo of Telfer at the start line with her fellow competitors. However, she wasn’t the only critic.

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Others also criticized the NCAA for allowing Telfer to compete in the championships about five years ago. Telfer became the first trans woman to win a National Collegiate Athletic Association title in 2019. She qualified for the Boston event’s final. However, she later disqualified herself after a false start, as shown by the online result records.

Davies reacted to Telfer’s participation after the Independent Council on Women’s Sports Tweet. The council tweeted footage of Telfer preparing for the race. In the video, Telfer appears jumping up and down at the starting blocks alongside the other hurdlers.

“Telfer, the first openly trans-identifying male to win a women’s NCAA national title in the 400m hurdles (2019), ran unattached,” the group, known as ICONS, wrote on X. “After bumping a female athlete out of the finals, he later disqualified himself during the race.”

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With the increasing trans athletes’ participation in women’s sports, several female athletes have condemned the decision. Like NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, Sharron Davies has recently become a vocal critic. She has openly condemned allowing trans women to compete in women’s athletic events.

Davies posted her criticism of Telfer with several tweets in recent days about trans athletes participating in women’s sports. In a Monday tweet, she vowed to “carry on fighting for sporting equality, for fair, safe sport for females. 

“Warning – NOT AN APRIL FOOLS,” Davies wrote. “I still believe (as do most people) that men/boys who choose to identify as women/girls have an unfair biological advantage in sport.”

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“Which equates to cheating biological females (that’s 51% of us) out of our equal rights of sporting opportunities,” she added. “Facts cannot be unlawful,” Sharron Davies continued. “This is a delusional position for any society to take when no human being has ever changed their biological sex.”

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According to reports, the NCAA takes a sport-by-sport approach to transgender participation rules. Also, it borrows its rules from the sport’s national governing body. “This Framework recognizes the need to ensure that everyone,” the International Olympic Committee said.

“Irrespective of their gender identity or sex variations, they can practice sport in a safe, harassment-free environment.” Contrarily, in March 2023, World Athletics said it would prohibit transgender women from competing against biological females. 

The organization added it “decided to prioritize fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.”

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