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“Title IX Literally Means Nothing!” Riley Gaines Fumes as Trans Swimmer Smashes Women’s Record

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Source: NY Post

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines expresses discontent with the impact of Title IX following the breaking of another collegiate record by a transgender swimmer from New Jersey.

Gaines, a vocal critic of transgender athletes in educational institutions, strongly criticized Meghan Cortez-Fields, a Ramapo College of New Jersey senior who shattered the previous records in the NJ Athletic Conference for the 200-meter individual medley.

Gaines took to X to voice her frustration, questioning the progress made by women in sports when a man is celebrated for surpassing them. She emphasized, “Title IX literally means nothing at this point.”

“Now tell me again the strides women have made when society applauds a man for pushing us off our own podium,” guest-host Sandra Smith said on “ The Faulkner Focus”

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“I do think the Democrats are doing this to their own peril. I think when you look at poll after poll after poll, it’s pretty clear where the American people stand on this issue,” Rantz said.

“We want a general sense of respect for folks who are transgender. I don’t think anyone is saying otherwise. Where we take a stand is where we pretend that there’s no differences whatsoever between men and women, and they very clearly are.”

Title IX, established in the Education Amendments of 1972, aims to prevent discrimination based on sex in federally funded educational programs and activities. Gaines has consistently argued that allowing transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports undermines the protections granted to female students by Title IX.

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However, opponents argue that transgender students are also protected under this federal law. Cortez-Fields has been at the center of controversy since last November when she set a new record in the 100-yard butterfly event during a Pennsylvania meet.

This achievement occurred during Cortez-Fields’ first season competing on the women’s team after transitioning, leading to condemnation and the deletion of the college’s initial post celebrating her win from Instagram.

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Gaines, echoing her sentiments against former UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas, whom Cortez-Fields cited as an inspiration, denounced Cortez-Fields’ rise to success as unjust. She claimed Cortez-Fields had transformed from a “less than mediocre male swimmer to a record smasher competing against the women.”

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Gaines also derided Cortez-Fields’ tattoo, depicting “The Birth of Venus” with male genitalia, and characterized the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s teams as a “fetishized and sexualized movement.” Ramapo College defended Cortez-Fields’ participation, citing compliance with NCAA regulations.

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The college stated, “We have followed all NCAA guidelines regarding transgender athletes’ participation on the team,” noting the steps taken and documentation provided for Cortez-Fields’ approval. However, the backlash against Cortez-Fields escalated, leading to death threats against her, according to the college.

New Jersey state Sen. Michael Testa criticized her participation and advocated for the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which would mandate school-sanctioned sports in the state to be based solely on biological sex at birth. Despite being proposed in 2022, the bill has yet to be scheduled for a vote or hearing in the state Legislature.

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