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Michigan Asks Residents to House Migrants as Shelters and Airports Overflow with Migrants

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Source: NBC News.

The Biden administration’s policies have left the American public grappling with the fallout, notably evident in the chaos surrounding unchecked illegal immigration. Specifically, the dilemma at hand revolves around finding accommodations for the influx of undocumented immigrants pouring across the border daily.

In a move raising eyebrows, the state of Michigan has opted for an unconventional approach: delegating the responsibility to its citizens. The Office of Global Michigan, a branch of the state Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, recently issued a call for volunteers to “sponsor” refugees.

The expectation? Sponsors are tasked with offering support to newly arrived refugees for a duration of 90 days, which includes tasks such as welcoming refugees at the airport, securing initial housing, facilitating school enrollment for children, and aiding adults in finding employment.

“Programs like the Welcome Corps advance the Office of Global Michigan’s mission to make Michigan the home for opportunity for our immigrant, refugee and ethnic communities,” said Poppy Hernandez, Global Michigan Director and Michigan’s Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer. 

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“Expanded refugee resettlement pathways empower more Michiganders to support our state’s growing refugee population and build a more welcoming and inclusive Michigan for all.” 

While Michigan’s appeal does not explicitly entail housing illegal aliens, similar requests from other blue states have been more forthright. Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, for instance, openly urged residents to consider hosting families in their homes if they had available space.

This plea underscores the pressing need for housing and shelter. However, the prospect of hosting undocumented immigrants may not be met with enthusiasm from the public.

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The incentive seems to be limited to vague commendations for “woke brownie points,” hardly compelling compensation for most individuals. Moreover, widespread discontent prevails regarding the handling of the illegal immigration crisis by federal and local governments in blue states.

Instances such as displacing children from recreational centers and schools, along with evicting elderly veterans from nursing homes, have eroded public trust and willingness to extend hospitality and financial support to illegal aliens.

POLL—Should the U.S. Government Create a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?

The migrants will come from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, all points of origin where many have been hoping to apply for asylum in the U.S.-Mexico Border.

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The request comes as multiple cities are grappling with how to house and provide services to newly arrived migrants from the southern border. Compounding matters are the recurrent reports of migrants unlawfully crossing the border and perpetrating atrocious crimes against American citizens.

While not every undocumented immigrant is a violent offender, the inherent risk remains undeniable. The mere suggestion of enlisting residents to address this issue underscores the colossal failure of the Biden administration in managing the border crisis.

Why should American citizens bear the burden of caring for the thousands of illegal migrants that our cities are ill-equipped to accommodate? The responsibility for addressing this crisis and the blame for its existence squarely rests with the Biden administration.

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In conclusion, the Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis has left the American public to grapple with the fallout, raising questions about accountability and responsibility in managing the influx of illegal immigrants.

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