Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Kansas City Mayor Accuses State Governor of Racism for Calling Super Bowl Parade Shooters “Thugs”

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A Collage of Kansas City Mayor, Missouri Governor and Scene of the Kansas Chiefs Parade Shooting
Source: New York Post

There’s been ongoing tension following the tragic shooting incident that occurred at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade. Kansas City Mayor, Quinton Lucas, has accused the state governor, Mike Parson, of racism for his choice of words in addressing the perpetrators.

The shooting, which left several people injured, turned what should have been a joyous occasion into a scene of chaos. By the announcement of Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves, three people were apprehended, and at least one weapon was recovered.

Two minors were charged with gun-related offenses in connection to the shooting. “Two juveniles were charged on Thursday, February 15, 2024, by the Office of the Juvenile Officer related to the incident at the Chiefs’ rally on February 14, 2024,” the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri announced Friday.

“The juveniles are currently detained in secure detention at the Juvenile Detention Center on gun-related and resisting arrest charges,” the court added. As investigations into the shooting are ongoing, Governor Parson made a public statement referring to the shooters as “thugs.”  

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He stated, “We can’t allow a few thugs just to take over and ruin what happened.” While some interpreted this term as a condemnation of the violent actions, Mayor Lucas saw it differently.

Instead, he saw the use of the term as racially biased, accusing the governor of using a racial “dog whistle”. Lucas remarked while appearing on the local radio show “Up to Date” last Friday. Speaking to KCUR host Steve Kraske, he mentioned witnessing similar instances of alleged racism repeatedly.

For context, the term “thug” has a history of being applied to Black individuals and communities. It often perpetuates harmful stereotypes and racial profiling. In response, Lucas stated, “I have respect for the governor. We get along well,” Lucas told the host, Kraske. 

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“I disagree strongly with how he would describe that situation. I certainly do think this was criminal activity. It was lawlessness, and I think that that’s troubling. But ‘thugs’ is a dog whistle in the most classic sense.”

POLL—Do You Support Stricter Gun Control Laws and Assault Weapon Bans?

“I’ve seen this dog whistle time and again. There’s this kind of giant conservative theory on social media now that the reason these mug shots haven’t been shown is because the purported defendants are Black, and if it were a White defendant we would have just shown them. That is absolutely preposterous. There are protections to juveniles,” he added.

Concerning the incident, President Biden and Vice President Harris both urged Congress to enact stricter gun control laws.  “It is time to act. That’s where I stand. And I ask the country to stand with me.

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To make your voice heard in Congress so we finally act to ban assault weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them or handling them,” Biden said.

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President Biden also addressed the epidemic of gun violence. He stressed that Americans should have the right to attend school and church, walk on the street, and participate in Super Bowl celebrations without fear of being shot and killed.

“The epidemic of gun violence is ripping apart families and communities every day. Some make the news. Much of it doesn’t. But all of it is unacceptable. We have to decide who we are as a country,” he said.

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