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Abbott Announces Eagle Pass Military Base to Counter Border “Invasion”

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Source: Media Magik Entertainment/YouTube

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans to construct a military base in Eagle Pass, Texas. The move serves as a proactive measure to address the issues of migrant crossings and security concerns along the Texas-Mexico border.

The decision came following the tension between Texas and President Joe Biden’s administration over the enforcement of immigration policies. Governor Abbott also confirmed that the initial construction phase was already in progress.

“To expand our border security capabilities, we are building a new Texas Military Department base camp that allows the Texas National Guard to increase and to improve operations in this area,” he said during a news briefing in Eagle Pass.

He also added that it will be constructed over 80 acres. “This will increase the ability for a larger number of Texas Department of Military personnel in Eagle Pass to operate more effectively and more efficiently,” Abbott said. “It will house up to 1,800 soldiers with the ability to expand up to 2,300 if we have surge needs.”

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Governor Abbott also outlined the plans for the camp. He said the camp would have amenities like a dining facility, individual rooms for troops, recreational facilities, and Wi-Fi access.

This is because there have been concerns about the living conditions of National Guard soldiers. The guards have been scattered across the region and confined to overcrowded quarters. 

According to Major General Suelzer of the Texas Military Department, the construction will progress in stages, with 300 beds added every 30 days. The first phase is slated to be completed by April.

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However, it seems that not all residents of Eagle Pass approve of Abbott’s announcement. Recently, some residents have grumbled over the closure of Shelby Park. Additionally, the Texas National Guards have prevented Border Patrol agents from accessing the park. As a result, a group of residents are urging the governor to give up control of the park. 

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The critics accused Governor Abbott of bringing “chaos and hate” to Eagle Pass. They pointed to a recent incident where a man from Tennessee was arrested for planning an attack at the border. They suggested that some residents fear that Abbott’s actions could cause instability and violence in the area.

“Governor Abbott, you are creating a fiction and using our community’s resources to do it. You are telling a dangerous and misleading story about us, about the border, and our safe community,” said Jessie F. Fuentes, a member of the group.

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But Abbott doesn’t agree with them. “It (camp) will amass a large army at a very strategic area. It will increase the speed and flexibility of the Texas National Guard to be able to respond to crossings,” Abbott said. “We all know what’s been going on in Shelby Park.” He also added that he plans on expanding out of Shelby Park.

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“We’re not going to contain ourselves to this park. We are expanding to further areas to make sure we expand our level of deterrence and denial of illegal entry into the United States,” he said. 

Some residents view the military base as necessary to address border security concerns. Others are worried about losing access to public recreational areas, and the role law enforcement agencies will play.

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